Trust in the Lord with all your Heart (9 Jul 2017)

Last Koinonia Sunday, we were all challenged by our brother, Deacon Michael Teo, how we are to “stepupstepout”, and consider ourselves for the Lord’s service. On Thursday and Friday evenings, some of us who attended the annual RBC Bible conference, heard Bible teacher, Dr Bill Crowder expounded segments of 1 & 2 Kings, on the life of Elisha. And how God uses Ordinary People, into services. How Elisha was willing to accept the costs of spiritual service, trusted God to work through his own limited abilities, and was ready to go beyond his comfort zone.

We must learn to “trust in the Lord with all your heart.” Proverbs 3 provides some of the following guidance for us:

  1. Do not depend on yourself

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5).

Most of us have faced disappointments, which have taught us that we can only depend upon ourselves. But living the life God has called us to means unlearning that lesson. Instead, we’re meant to rest in God’s understanding. Each day we must consciously lay aside our own plans and expectations—and surrender to His plans.

  1. Seek and Pray out to God

“In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:6).

When we pray, we admit that His ways are higher than ours. We show that we’re leaving our troubles and burdens and dreams in His capable hands. Hence, our desire and discipline to pray individually and together.

  1. Check Yourself by God’s Word

“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9)

If we’re ever going to truly trust in God, we have to know exactly where we stand. We have to find an objective measure that tells us the truth. And that truth comes from God and His Word.

When we have the Scripture planted firmly in our hearts, God will often use that to deal with us.

  1. Listen to the Holy Spirit

When Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to the church, He told His disciples that this Counselor would be their spiritual compass (Jn 14:26).

As we go through our day, this same Holy Spirit guides us, too. The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth and protects us:

“Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you—guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.” (2 Timothy 1:14)

  1. Rest in God’s Faithfulness

Just as in the life of Elisha, we see that at the end of each difficult day, God is the one who is in absolute control.

Even in the midst of turmoil, God sticks with us and uses those challenges to shape us. When we understand that, our perspective completely flips. No longer do we see our setbacks as failures; we see them as moments when God, as our loving Father, works on us.

Trusting God takes a whole-hearted commitment from dawn till dusk.

Let’s “stepupstepout” together!


Elder Andrew Lim