Today we honour fathers (21 Jun 2015)

I woke up early morning by a light in the living room and voices in the background.  When I got out of bed and went to check.  What I saw was the most beautiful moment of a father and his son.  Their backs were facing me, sitting side by side and they were reading and sharing the word of God.  I went back to my comfortable bed but more comforting was what I have witnessed that morning.   Praise the Lord!

Christian fatherhood is an important part of God’s plan and design for the family.  It is only right that we stop and honour all fathers on Father’s Day.  In the plan of God, we have a responsibility as Christian fathers to step up and execute the role that God has assigned to our hearts and hands to do.  What is the role of a Christian father in today’s compromising society? Let’s look to the Bible and I think the answer will be clear.  In Ephesians 6:1-4, Paul wrote three important roles that Christian fathers must carry out.

1.  Christian fathers do not provoke their children to anger.
The first thing Paul says to fathers is a word of warning!  Don’t provoke your children.  Let’s face it, once in awhile daddies make everybody mad.  After all, dads often have to say no, discipline and enforce the rules of the family.  But in all of this a godly Christian father should never act out of anger, but his actions are done out of love!  One of the biggest problems of modern society is the “missing dad”.  The psychologist calls it ‘Daddy Longing’.  Dads are not present to disciple in love or if they are there they are too busy to show that they care.  Today’s children are ANGRY!  The lack of love makes children angry and cause problems.  (Proverbs 3:11-12,  Hebrews 12:5-9).

2.  Christian fathers bring children up with nurture.
The second thing Paul says to fathers is a word of counsel.  After giving dads a warning, Paul counsels dads to give children plenty of nurturing.  The Bible says raise or bring them up — how? In the nurture of the Lord.  Just like a farmer that works the land.  Fathers are to NUTURE their children in the Lord!  It is not to spoil them or give them everything they want.  No.  That’s not nurturing that’s being a grandparent.  Nurture is laying a godly foundation in love and by example.  It requires time and attention.  (Deuteronomy 6:4-9).

3.  Christian fathers bring children up with admonition.
The last thing Paul says to fathers is a word of encouragement.  After counselling dads to nurture their children, he also encourages dads to ADMONISH their children.  This is at the heart of dad.  Paul is giving instruction to Christian parents; God designed the Christian home to consist of mother and father each fulfilling their respective roles.  Everyone knows that God made mothers to be the best at nurturing but dads are to come alongside their soul mates in the process as well.  Fathers must really step up in the area of ADMONISHING their children.  What does that mean?  To admonish means to teach.  Dads must teach their children the important lessons of life.

Dad if you don’t teach your child how to work the world will teach them how to be a thief.  If you don’t teach your sons how to love and respect a woman, the world will teach him how to be a gigolo.  If you don’t teach your child honesty, the world will teach them to be a cheat!

What are the life lessons fathers must admonish and teach their children?
* FEAR GOD – Proverbs 1:7
* LOVE GOD – Proverbs 4:1-4
* OBEY GOD – Proverbs 3:1-6

Today, we honour fathers and thank God for His grace and wisdom in instituting the Christian family.  May Bethesda Chapel get back to the blueprint that God has designed and inherit the blessing of God’s favour.


Sister Abigail Yeo Sok Lang