To know Jesus Christ and make Him known (1 Jan 2012)

After prayer and deliberation, our Church Council has chosen the theme for 2012 to 2016: “To know Jesus Christ and make Him known”. This is based on a number of Bible passages, including the following:

  1. Matthew 28: 19-20
  2. Phil 3:10-11
  3. Col 1:28-29

In the Old Testament, “to know” (Hebrew “yada”)means to experience something or enter into relationship with something or someone. To know God is to recognize Him for what He is, the sovereign Lord who demands man’s obedience. He is the God whose holiness and loving-kindness can be experienced.

In the New Testament, “to know” is represented by the Greek “ginoskein” or “eidenai”. The Hebrew conception is retained. The revelation in Christ has made possible a full knowledge of God. Our response ought to be:

  1. Obedience to His revealed purpose
  2. Acceptance of His love
  3. Fellowship with Him

Our core values remain unchanged:

  1. Word-filled lives
  2. Spirit-filled lives
  3. Unity
  4. Brotherly love
  5. Compassion for the lost

Matt 28:18-20 tells us we are to “make disciples” by teaching and baptizing . Before making disciples of others, you need to be a disciple yourself. You need to get to know the Master (Jesus Christ) and learn from Him. Note the four “All’s”: All authority, All nations, All things and Always.
Phil 3:10-11: knowing Christ has various aspects: to know Him, experience His power, share His sufferings, become like Him in His death.
Col1:28-29 : proclaiming Him includes warning against error, teaching and aiming for maturity, relying on His strength.
According to each person’s spiritual gifts and individual walk with the Lord, we can develop ourselves in the following areas or ministries:
Word – To study God’s Word systemically for life application

Worship and prayer – To cultivate a deeper personal relationship with God

Pastoral care for God’s people – To disciple, mentor and pray for each other

Work and Witness – To demonstrate Christ-likeness wherever we are and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to friends and contacts

World missions – To send, support and partner in Missions.

Elder Ng Hwee Hin