The Parable of the Two Sons (20 Oct 2013)

Let us take a closer look  at the Parable of the Prodigal Son, as told by our Lord in Luke 15:11-32. Let us see whether we are like the father in the story, the younger son or the older son.

  • The father is compassionate and gracious. He could have refused to receive the prodigal one when he tried to return home after squandering his inheritance. But the father had compassion and gave him a welcome which was totally undeserved.

Are we like the father, filled with compassion for the lost? Are we actively telling them of the grace of our Heavenly Father?

  • The younger son was initially rebellious and self-centred. But then he repented and found his way back to the father. He throws himself at the mercy of the father. He is willing to obey and serve the father henceforth.

Have we wandered far away from our Heavenly Father? Are we willing to come back to Him and let Him run our lives for us?

  • The older son is self-righteous, jealous and unforgiving.

Have we slipped into self-righteousness? Are we critical of others, unforgiving, self-centred and self-seeking?

Do we need to repent of some sin, and to be more committed to following Christ and serving Him?

Let us appreciate the grace of our God Who saves us from eternal damnation  through faith in Christ. Let us ask Him to fill us with His love and compassion for the lost. May we truly get to know Him more and make Him known to others.


Elder Ng Hwee Hin