Testimony from a mature believer who recently decided to use WWBI notes for personal Bible Study

I recently started using the WWBI course on Christian Growth for personal Bible study. I have now completed 3 STEPs of this 6-STEP course.

The WWBI course notes help me to understand Bible verses more meaningfully. The writer (Dr Gerald Stover, a Bible teacher and pastor) expounds the love and power of God from John 3:16; 15:13; Romans 5:8; and 8:31-32, which convince me of the deep love of God.  Not only these but many other verses also teach me to yield to the Spirit of God and be totally committed to Him as I learn from Romans 12:1-2; Corinthians 6:11-18; and Leviticus 1. 

Many other verses emphasize the importance of believing in God’s Word, confessing our sins, surrendering ourselves fully and completely “roll  over” our anxieties and problems to God and allow Him to take over.

I really feel relieved from worry, anxiety, sadness and pain.  The Holy Spirit miraculously fills me with joy and peace.

Since I believe the Word of God, I want to follow and fully understand God’s plan for me. I will make time to study the WWBI course as much as I can.

Dr Sharon Tan
(WWBI refers to World Wide Bible Institute’s curriculum for systematic study of the Bible.)