Simeon’s song of praise (24 Dec 2017)

As we celebrate the birth of our Lord, we can learn much from Luke’s description of a simple man and his encounter with the Christ Child (Luke 2:25-35).

Firstly, Luke emphasizes what Simeon’s character was like, rather than his social status or occupation. He was “righteous and devout”. He was righteous in that he followed strictly the law as given through Moses, and he was devoted to God. He was waiting expectantly for the Messiah to come.

The Holy Spirit is mentioned three times in the space of three verses. The Holy Spirit was “upon him” and revealed to him that he “would not die before he had seen the Lord’s Christ”. He was moved by the Spirit to go to the temple courts just as Jesus’ parents brought Him to dedicate Him to God.

Simeon took the Christ Child in his arms and burst into song, praising God for sending salvation. The song consists of three parts.

a)  God’s salvation was a light to the nations. Christ came to defeat all ignorance, misguidance, evil, fear and sin.

b) God’s salvation brought glory to Israel, as His plan of salvation was worked out through Israel’s history.

c) God’s salvation brought personal peace to Simeon, as he saw the Savior with his own eyes.

Simeon is a good example of one who finishes well in the journey of life. Even as he aged, he continued to be devoted to God. His aim in life was for God’s purpose to be fulfilled. His desire was to see the Savior Himself.

May God help each one of us to be devoted to God and to serve Him faithfully throughout our lives. May God bless you this Christmas and always.


Elder Ng Hwee Hin