Remembering Our Fellow Workers

On Sunday mornings, I often thank God for our members who help our worship services to proceed without a hitch.

God has many willing servants to help in our worship and prayer services as well as various other ministries.

These include our music team, Sunday School teachers, youth leaders, GYM, BCLM and BCMF leaders, BCK helpers, Befrienders, Kembangan Outreach members, some who visit the elderly members and members who are not very mobile and those who are involved in the maintenance or upkeep of the garden.

Whilst many are blessed by the sermon during our Sunday worship service, a lot of work is done behind the scenes:

  • Someone switches on and sets the air-conditioning in the worship hall at a moderate temperature;
  • Someone else operates the AV system;
  • Another cleans the place and arranges the flowers before and after the service;
  • Others pray for the worship service;
  • Some greet the worshippers at the door; etc.

Some church members perform tasks that pastoral or staff members do not have the capacity or skills to accomplish. They use their skills and time from their own busy schedules to serve the church, fulfilling their desire to help others while ensuring the church can focus on its mission(s).

While the church greatly benefits from their service, surely God Himself sees and rewards those who diligently serve Him with little or no regard for earthly recognition. As a result, many are blessed because the Spirit of God is moving throughout the entire church body.

The apostle Paul thanked many of his fellow workers in his various letters to the Romans, the Thessalonians, the Colossians, the Philippians and Philemon. He taught in 1 Corinthians 12 that real ministry effectiveness needs the whole body of Christ to work together: “As it is, there are many parts, yet one body.”

There are no small jobs in God’s kingdom. Let us all acknowledge and appreciate all who sacrifice their time, energy and talents to build the church.

Henry Leong