Reflections on Mission Trip 3-10 Jun 2017 (25 Jun 2017)

This would be my 5th mission trip to Myanmar. As with the previous mission trips, I met pastors engaged in missions & evangelism, drug rehabilitation, education of children, and pastoral care for the Internally Displaced People (IDP) in the Kachin State. The visit to two Drug Rehabilitation Centres (DRCs) struck a special cord in my heart.

Visit and Bible Teaching at Drug Rehabilitation Centres (DRCs)

One DRC is called Christian Youth Reformed Centre and the other a Vocational Training Centre set up by the Kachin Baptist Convention. The participants of the DRCs gathered for a period of creative bible study.

Using a technique called micrography, Elder Yoong with an interpreter, taught the inmates the meaning of the bible texts. In one lesson, he got them to sketch a papaya leaf. None could sketch a papaya leaf well. He then showed them the real leaf and they managed to sketch it more accurately. On the sketching of the papaya leaf I learnt several lessons. No one could draw a papaya leaf correctly until they have a good look at it. This teaches them the intricate design of God in nature and also to pay very careful attention to the words of the Bible for in-depth understanding.

After teaching a bible lesson, he asked them to write careful and neatly the words of the Bible text over the outline of a cross or a man or a leaf. Every word of the Bible written carefully gives time for attention to the meaning of each word in relation to the others. You may like to try to write 1 Peter 2:24 on an outline of a Cross, meditating on each word as you write.

I observed that everyone was enthusiastic and interested to get to know the Word of God deeper. The message was clear to everyone that only Jesus can help them. He who formed the heavens and the earth, who created men and women and hold the universe in the palm of His Hands is definitely more than able to address their problems and help the recovery process of the drug addicts.

The drug addicts’ problems are reminiscent of our own in Singapore. You do not have to be a drug addict to experience the abysmal depths of despair or the highs of temporal stimulations. A person can be addicted to other things like gambling or soap operas.

Like the drug addicts, we need Christ’s transforming power to live our new lives for Christ. Satan, our enemy, prowls around like a roaring lion, and we need to put on the Shield of Faith that can extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one.

Let us always commit everything to the Lord in prayer and place Him first in all things. Sometimes I struggle to do that, especially with all the worldly bombardments that I encounter everyday.

Both visits humbled me and urged me to fix my eyes upon Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of my faith. Indeed, apart from Him, I am truly nothing but through my difficulties, His strength is made perfect in my weakness.


Brother Ethan Quek