Proverbs 31 (9 Sep 2018)

Proverbs 31 summarizes the wisdom of God’s people that is found throughout the book of Proverbs. It is for all of us to help us know how to live life wisely.

One Hebrew word to note in this Proverbs is “Chayil” in verse 3 “strength”. A common word in the Bible, used 246 times. Three times it is used of a woman, but most often it describe soldiers or armies. The basic meaning is strength or power, and in thr majority of cases it refers to military prowess. David’s mighty men are “chayil” men. Proverb’s 31:10 is about this kind of person – strong, valiant, a person with inner strength who can overcome obstacles. This strong, valiant person has wisdom or a skill for living and in Proverbs 31 we see it personified in a wise woman. Hence, as we look at her, we see what wisdom looks like in daily life. The qualities of this woman are qualities that summarize the wisdom of the people of God. They are qualities for singles as well as married, for men and as well as for women.

Few wisdom characteristics identified:

  1. Trustworthy (11-12). A wise person of strength.
  2. Shrewd (13-18). A shrewd person is not someone who take advantage of other prople, but who takes advantage of opportunities. Does not grab just anything that is handy but chooses tasks and materials with care. The shrewd person improves her knowledge and skills in order to work smarter, not harder. And continue to also listens to the Spirit during planning and preparation stages.
  3. Generosity (19-20). Shrewdness must always be tempered by generosity. Otherwise it becomes greed. And the Bible does not say nice things about greedy people. So a shrewd person takes advantage of opportunities in order to have something to give to those in need (!!).

Mart DeHann in his concluding foreword of RBC Discovery booklet “The Call of Wisdom” wrote : In a day when secular academia is remembering the lost art and treasure of wisdom, what could be more important than to rediscover wisdom’s true source and how the book of God inspired takes us beyond knowledge for knowledge’s sake!

When was the last time you open your Bible to spend moment of communication with your God, Savior and Lord?

“If you lack wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him” – James 1:5


Elder Andrew Lim