My idea of the perfect church (8 Feb 2015)

Sometimes I get sick and tired of coming to church.

At times I want to look for the perfect church and be part of it.

Where the elders and leaders are always warm, understanding, always available, relevant, likeable, caring, hospitable. Always wise and will not make “stupid” mistakes. (I mean, if I were to take on their role, I would be twice as effective with half the time spent at minimal cost.) They will always reach out to me – even when I don’t express my needs. They just know what I need at all times, and are always there to provide it.

I want sermons to be interesting, easy to understand, completely biblical, enjoyable to listen to. (Why that boring guy again? He’s at the pulpit nth times this year already!)  Never too long (or too short)—always convicting when talking about the sins of others, but always accepting of me and my “weaknesses.”

I want the church to be filled with lots of things going on during the week in case I have free time to attend or be involved, but where there is never pressure to be participate — it’s just always there when I need it. Classes should be offered for every age level, but don’t expect ask me to come, I have many other better things to do. You see, the church don’t have the kinds of activities I really want. It even suggested that I start them! Excuse me!?  Ideally, they’d already have thought of it, right? The church don’t understand how busy people are these days. And there is much happenings outside on prayer service evenings!

Most of the people in the church are not very nice. I have yet to really find truly friendly and sincere folks. Most of them are either too boring or too crazy for my taste. They’re either too busy or too simple or too spiritual or not spiritual enough. Some are free-loaders and even hypocrites.

And guess what, I actually found the perfect church! BUT I didn’t get to join it now, because that would have render it imperfect.

A perfect church is not made up of perfect people–it simply expresses the spirit of Jesus, who is perfect.

The perfect Church is in heaven with Jesus, forever! There will be no more sin, sorrow, suffering, pain or crying. No more darkness and no more Satan and his demonic forces…they will all be in hell in everlasting punishment!! Don’t worry, the perfect Church is coming soon!  Revelation 21:1-2

So let’s seek the perfect Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ instead.

Deacon Henry Leong