Do you know who Mephibosheth is? I suspect many don’t.

Mephibosheth was Jonathan’s son, and his story is recounted in 2 Samuel 9. We should know who Mephibosheth is because in many ways, we are all like Mephibosheth.

After the death of his grandfather Saul and father Jonathan, Mephibosheth was on the run because he was fearful that David would kill him. He was lame and crippled, separated from the King and not aware of his grace and mercy. He was living in hiding, fearful and without hope. But David sought out Mephibosheth and showed tremendous kindness and grace to someone who was supposedly from the household of his “rival”. David decreed that all the land that belonged to Saul be restored to Mephibosheth and that he would eat at his table all the days of his life.

We are all like Mephibosheth. We may be weak, perhaps fearful and living without hope. We may not be physically crippled or lame, but metaphorically, we may have handicaps that prevent us from living out the fullness of our lives. God, like David, shows mercy and grace to us, seeks us out and decrees that we have the right to eat at His table all the days of our lives. What a tremendous blessing!

As we partake of the Holy Communion this Sunday, let’s all remember the story of Mephibosheth and reflect on God’s mercy and grace in our lives.

Deacon Michael Teo