Mayday (24 Jun 2018)

Have you face situations when you may find yourself in distress or when you face difficult circumstances in life that you have to cry out Mayday? It was a lousy and stressful feeling as I recently had to weather storms at work which had possibly made my job at risk and cause me having sleepless nights. Things don’t seem better when there was a realignment of my job responsibility.

In Psalm 3, King David’s life was in peril as he was surrounded by tens of thousands of soldiers led by his rebellious son Absalom (verse 6). Given David had sinned with Bathsheba and murdered her husband; many of his enemies taunted him that God would not deliver him from his situation. Instead of trusting in His army to defeat his foes, David however turned to the Lord in prayer for protection and depended on His mercy (verse 4). As a result, he was able to experience the peace which transcends all understanding (Philippians 4:6-7) and he slept through the whole night.

What can we learn from the above passage? Some suggestions include humility, prayer and trust in God. We as Christians should learn like David to humble ourselves before God and ask for His grace- even though the difficulties we face may be a result of our sin or failure. By God’s grace; He will hear us and answer according to His purpose.

Trusting in God is another key point we can learn. When circumstances go against us, we may be tempted to think that God is also against us. David however reminded through his actions that the opposite is true. When everything seems to go wrong, God is still for us. God could use difficult situations to deepen our relationship with Him and strengthen our trust in Him. Our response is therefore to trust in Him completely.

Prayer is another aspect shown in the passage. In verse 8, David thought for his people when he prayed for himself. He might be aware that being anointed as king of God’s people; any deliverance for him would also be beneficial to his people. We are therefore reminded to pray not only for ourselves but also for other believers who are facing difficult situations in life.

In conclusion, even though what I have faced in my job situation is nothing compared to what King David had gone through, I pray that, one day should I be placed in similar difficult situations; we will still have the confidence that God will see us through.


Brother Leo Deng Yong