Judges 7:8-25 (25 Oct 2015)

The youths are currently studying the book of Judges. If you have read the book, you will be familiar with the story of Gideon. For the upcoming BC youth Camp 2015, we will be studying the life of Gideon.

Judges 7 tells us that the Midianites (Israelites’ enemy) had been oppressing them and Gideon is about to lead the Israelites to war. A call to arms yielded quite a few men and God shrank Gideon’s army down from 32,000 men to just 300 before this extremely important battle.

No doubt, Gideon must be feeling anxious. He was about to attack an enemy camp of more than 130,000 trained soldiers, and he was going to do it with just a handful of men. In this terrifying moment, God gave Gideon what he needed most: encouragement.

God woke Gideon in the middle of the night and strategically positioned him to overhear an enemy soldier recounting a frightful dream—a vision of Israelite victory! This unlikely circumstance assured Gideon that the Lord was at work. God graciously used that incident to demonstrate His sensitivity to one man’s faintheartedness. And He still does so for us today.

Consider the power of a friend’s encouraging words. Think about how meaningful it is when an unexpected blessing seems to fall from heaven right at your darkest moment. Ponder the impact of reading a reassuring verse when you most need it. These are not “happy accidents”—rather, they are precious confidence builders from God.

Our challenge is simply to remember the times in the past when our loving Father has encouraged us. Standing on the evidence of His faithfulness, we can boldly face the future, knowing that we are not alone.

As inhabitants of a fallen world, we will face seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But as children of God, we are never beyond reach of the Lord’s empowering encouragement.

Gideon may be considered by many to be the ideal judge. There can be a real temptation put these “biblical heroes” on the pedestal but the true HERO is ultimately God himself.

As our camp speaker, Alvin Fu prepares to speak on the life of Gideon. I encourage you to pray alongside us that the youths will learn of the faithfulness of God and follow him.

Brother Xie Zhengyang

(Taken and adapted from the 9 October daily devotions on www.intouch.org)