Jesus is Alive! He has risen from the dead! (21 Apr 2019)

Two thousand years ago, one of the early disciples of Jesus Christ demanded that he personally see the risen Jesus and touch His nailed-pierced hands and spear-pierced body, before he would believe.

Today, some people demand the same physical evidence or special personal encounter in order to believe. Many do not care. Many faithful adherents of traditional religions do not probe into the authenticity of their own religions. Many form their own arrogant and ignorant opinions about God. So when they hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they may say:

  1. All religions are the same, it does not matter who you believe. What’s the difference?
    Aren’t they all seeking different roads to heaven?
  2. Jesus is just a good teacher like many other founders of religions.

When Christians point to Jesus as the only Way to salvation and the only Name to call to be saved, they may be rebuffed for arrogance and intolerance:

  1. Arrogance – Why must Jesus be the Only Way? (John 14:6)
  2. Intolerance – Why must Jesus be the Only Name to call to be saved? (Acts 4:12)

In truth, who is arrogant and who is intolerant? As rational and intelligent human beings, we must be open-minded, be respectful, be honest and believe what are actually true and real. Many people assume that religions are fundamentally similar and superficially different.

Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias, debunks this claim, and says that the exact opposite is true: “Religions are superficially similar but fundamentally different.”

Major world religious founders Jesus Christ
All founders are men. Only Jesus claimed to be God and Creator, and validated these claims by His miracles and teachings.
They did not give their lives to save their followers. He offered His life and blood to redeem mankind and save all who believe in Him.
Dead bodies, shrines, relics. Empty tomb, no relics. Jesus is alive.
Followers rely on the founders’ teachings, but like their founders, are not assured of salvation. Followers are assured of eternal life, because Jesus Himself rose from the dead.
Salvation by self-effort. The divine is impersonal and unapproachable. Salvation by grace. God is personal and is accessible through the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

Are you fully convinced that Jesus is the only Way to heaven, that He is the Truth and Author of Life?

Jesus Christ is alive. He has conquered death. He is the living God who hears and will save all who believe in His Name. Do you believe in His Name?


Elder Yoong Yuen Soo