Jesus Christ’s Ministry Of Salvation

I have written an article to give an overview on evangelism. The topics covered are as follows:-

(A) Ambassadors For Christ.
(B) The Full Gospel Message.
(C) Benefits For Believers In God.
(D) Preparing And Equipping.
        (1)  Spiritual Preparation –
               (a)  Pray for ourselves.
               (b)  Pray for Lost Sinners.
               (c)  Pray on spiritual warfare and protection.
        (2)  Your Frame of Mind.
        (3)  Heart Conditioning.
        (4) The Process of Witnessing.
        (5) The Art of Witnessing.
        (6) Methods of Delivering the Gospel. 
        (7) Knowledge.
       (8) Language Proficiency.
        (9) Questions and Disbeliefs.
      (10) Handling Objections, Unfriendly Reactions and Criticism.
      (11) DOs and DON’Ts.
(E)  Get Going.

For the purpose of this Salt & Light article only topic no. “(D) (6) Methods of Delivering the Gospel” is selected.  Please click this link to read my complete article:

Topic (D) (6) Methods of Delivering The Gospel  

All we need to do is to convey the full Gospel in factual, clear and simple terms. The substance of the Gospel message is more important than the method of delivery. Don’t need frills, bells and whistles. 

However, you can check out YouTube videos to understand various creative methods of delivering the Gospel. For example:- The Greatest Love Story Ever Told (by ASAD For JESUS), Romans Road, Do versus Done, Four Spiritual Laws, The Gospel Bridge, Power Evangelism. Ten Commandments (Living Waters), and Evangelism Explosion. You may choose to use any of the established methods or devise your own. 

Arise and shine for Christ.  “GO GOssip GOspel”. (Slogan adapted from Elder Richard Lai’s inspiration given some years ago.)   


Richard Chng