Jesus be Our Anchor! (1 Jan 2017)

An interesting passage that came out of our study of the book of Hebrews was Hebrews  6:19 “We have this as sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain… ”

An anchor  always remind us  of the  safety of sailors and ships.  The purpose of an anchor, of course, is to hold a ship firmly in one place when winds and currents would otherwise move it off course or into dangerous conditions.  God has given us certain truths that are intended to hold our minds securely to truth, holiness and perseverance,  to put it simply,  TO HOLD US TO HIMSELF.

Our God does not intend for His people to be shipwrecked.  However,  we would be shipwrecked and lost if we could not be held fast in the hour of temptation. If every wind of doctrine whirled us at will,  we would soon drift far away from the truth . And our faith would be shipwrecked.  But because of the high price that cost Jesus,  He values us too much to see us broken to pieces on the rocks.  Thanks to the anchor, or rather to the God who gave it to us, no storm has overwhelmed you.  Your ship is under way for the port of glory.

An anchor is also needed to keep us from losing the headway that we have made.

Suppose a ship is making good progress towards its intended port,  but then the wind changes and blow directly at it.  The ship is in danger of being carried back to the port from which it started  or to an equally undesirable port, unless it can resist the turbulent forces of the wind; therefore, it puts down it’s anchor.    Believers are sometimes tempted to return to the old ways of living. Our sinful nature grabs hold of us and pulls us back,  and the Devil also endeavours to drive us back.. And if we did not have something secure to hold onto,  we would go back. But while  we have the truth,  who has been taught to us by the  Holy Spirit,  we cannot drift from it.

Lastly,  the anchor is necessary so that we may be faithful and useful.  The person who is easily moved and believes one thing today and another tomorrow, is fickle. Like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind,  what service can he give in the work of the Lord,  and how can he influence others for good? He himself does not believe;  how can he make others believe?

God has provided us with an anchor to hold us securely so that we will not be shipwrecked,  to keep us in peace,  to prevent us from losing ground  and to enable us to remain faithful and useful.  These purposes are the result of God’s kindness and wisdom toward us.

May we all begin the new year with a renewed commitment,  to have Jesus as our anchor of our soul. Let us bless the Lord who has so graciously cared for us!


Elder Andrew Lim