How I Can Grow In Faith

Christians can respond to God in many ways.

These seven words describe how I grow in faith in our  Triune God.

1.  Believe Jesus – I believe Jesus because everything He has said is true. Heavens declare His righteousness.

2.  Obey the Son – I obey Jesus because He loves me unconditionally. He blesses me when I obey Him.

3.  Worship God – I worship the true and living God because there is no one like Him. Idolatry is foolishness.

4.  Follow Jesus – I follow Jesus because His way is true and leads to eternal life.

5.  Abide in Christ – I need the fullness of the indwelling Holy Spirit so that I can be empowered for godly living and service.

6.  Serve the living and true God – In everything that I do, I can serve God. I was a condemned prisoner of sin but now I am free to serve Christ willingly and freely.

7.  Know God – It is God’s will that I grow in my faith. When I trust God completely, I have perfect peace. The more I study the Bible, believe, obey, worship, follow, abide and serve Him, the more He reveals Himself to me, and I will grow to know Him deeper and love Him even more.

To God be the glory!

Elder Yoong Yuen Soo