God’s Love

As I continue my studies at Biola University, I see God move more and more in my life. As He had done in the past, so  He is doing in the present. And I’m very sure He will do so in the future. I have always been reminded of God’s great love for me and I am truly blessed by this.

During my spring break, I attended a church conference, and the main theme was ‘God’s Love’. Pastor Paul of Renewal Church from downtown LA, California delivered three sermons. Each sermon was as powerful as the next.

Through Pastor Paul, God showed and reminded me of His love for us and how it is all for His glory. Our personal efforts, no matter how good they may seem, will never match His standards of Holiness. That He still loves us and even gives us His Spirit to aid us in living a better life is beyond our wildest imagination! How awesome our God really is!

We love our Lord in response to His great love for us. Whatever we do, we do unto the Lord and in return we will experience His love and Living Water. Only then will we become more like Jesus, abiding in Him, reading God’s Word and bringing glory to His name. Truly, there is no other God like Him!

I feel that in our Asian culture, love is something that we show if it is reciprocated. We have the wrong concept of love. We always expect something in return for the love that we show. Do we have to reach certain expectations to receive love? We have to open our eyes and hearts and humble ourselves in order to understand God’s faithful love for us. No matter what, we should set a good example and show forth Jesus’ Great Love for others to emulate.

Yigal Ang