Excuses of disciples and invitees – Our response (31 Mar 2019)

Jesus challenges all of us today to follow Him. How? By imitating His example. By being instructed in the Word of God and being filled and led by the Spirit of God. By seeking first the Kingdom of God and not seeking the treasures, achievements and pleasures of the world.

Excuses of some disciples who want to follow Jesus (Luke 9:57-62)
Some disciples follow Jesus with pre-conditions:

  • “I will follow you wherever you go” – but, please Lord, I cannot take poverty, hardship or suffering
  • “Permit me first…bury my father” – but, please Lord, let me fulfil my family duties first, one by one.
  • “First permit me to say farewell to my family” – but, please Lord, give me more time. I’m going to miss my own family.

Excuses of some invitees who reject the invitation of the Great Banquet   (Luke 14:18-20)

  •  I am busy with buying additional properties and investing in shares
  • I am busy with my business ventures and my career advancements
  • I am busy with my wife, my children and my family duties

When we go out for work, studies, recreation, vacation, from door-to-door, from street to street, do pray and look out for or create windows of opportunity to invite people to God’s Great Banquet and to share the Gospel. We will certainly hear excuses and face rejections, indifference and objections.

When we go out to invite unsaved people or unbelievers to come for our special events on Good Friday & Resurrection Sunday on 19 and 21 April, the Celebration of Hope from 17-19 May, our invitees will start giving all sorts of excuses and reasons:

  • All religions are the same
  • I cannot change my religion.
  • How do you know that Jesus lived and died, and rose again?
  • How to believe God when no one can see God?
  • I am not ready yet 

Our response
Regardless of the potential excuses and objections we may face, pray and invite. Pray and share the Gospel. Those who will come will come. Those who hear the Gospel and understand will believe and will be saved by God. God does the saving. As faithful disciples, we answer God’s call to be His witnesses and share the gospel with those who will hear. At our workplaces, schools and in our social circles, do we stand out as lights and do we make a difference to unbelievers for His sake and the Gospel’s sake?

Do we have daily communion with God the Father through Jesus Christ? We ought to pray in the Holy Spirit for those people around us, for Christians who are discouraged and for the unsaved to believe in our Saviour. We have the words of eternal life from the Lord, and we not hide them. We have heard and believed the Gospel. Pray that others may hear and believe.  The Holy Spirit will take the Gospel truths that we share and He will convict and convert the spiritually dead souls. He will save souls from the judgment of God and from eternal death through the power of the Gospel. To God be the Glory!


Elder Yoong Yuen Soo