Examine your own heart: Is it hardened, hardening or healthy?

God’s Cure for the Old (Adamic) Man is the Gospel.

The Gospel is the good news that Christ was crucified for the sins of mankind and was resurrected.

The sinner has a hardened heart. He is judged and condemned for his unbelief. How can he be saved from future judgment for his sins?

He has to repent and
a.  admit his sin to God in his heart.
b. believe in the Lord Jesus.
c. confess with his mouth that Jesus is God.

Jesus will save him from eternal death and hell fire.

God’s Care for the New Man (in-Christ) is by His gift of the Holy Spirit.

When the sinner has responded to the Gospel, he will be given a new heart and a regenerated spirit. He is sanctified by the blood of Jesus and is called to be a saint. God’s Spirit sanctifies and nourishes his new heart with the Word of God.

The work of the cross continues to deal with his sin. Sin’s deceitfulness, evil and unbelief can harden his new heart (Heb 3:12-13). When he keeps ignoring the Spirit’s promptings and the Word of God, his new heart will begin to harden.

The saint’s responsibility is to keep his heart healthy by
1) trusting the Holy Spirit – through his prayers.
2) obeying the Word of God – by his good works for Christ.
3) loving God with his whole heart – as God’s child.

Elder Yoong Yuen Soo