Christmas message (25 Dec 2015)

Peace and goodwill to all!

Christmas is a day of annual rejoicing and thanksgiving for all who believe in Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the world. It is a season to share with our family members and friends the good news that the Saviour has come to save people from their sins.

According to God’s timing, it was the right time for God the Father to send His only Son to be born of a virgin about 2000 years ago. It was the time of the Roman Empire. For 400 years, the Jews had not received any voice of prophecy. Then God broke the silence and spoke through the angel Gabriel to Zechariah and Elizabeth concerning the birth of John the Baptist. And God again spoke through Gabriel to Mary, and to Joseph concerning the virgin birth of Jesus the Messiah.

As spoken by the prophets in the Old Testament (OT), Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea. And every word that the OT prophets said about Jesus’ life and ministry and death was fulfilled.

The Christmas story leads us to the story of Good Friday and Easter. Christ did not remain an infant. He grew up into maturity, in favour with God and men. He worked hard as a son of a carpenter. Then He preached the gospel of the kingdom of God for three years. He died on the cross for the sins of the whole world. He conquered death and rose to life on the third day. And He ascended to sit at the right hand of the Heavenly Father – the same place where He was before the creation of the world.

There are many prophecies of Jesus that have yet to come to pass. One is His coming as King of kings. This will take place after all the kingdoms of this age have ended. The last being the kingdom of Antichrist. Then Christ will reign for a thousand years on earth, with the glorified church, and the resurrected OT and tribulation saints.

During the Roman reign, people in Judea were paying heavy taxes to the Roman rulers through the unscrupulous Jewish tax-collectors. They were made to obey many laws which the Jewish religious leaders themselves were unable to follow.  People were miserable materially and spiritually. They needed a Deliverer and a Saviour.

For you who are reading this pastoral column, are you in need of a Deliverer? Are you in need of a Saviour? Would you like Christ to be King of your life? Or do you prefer to run your own life without Jesus Christ?

Christ has come to deliver you from the clutches of sin. He has come to save you from your sins. He wants to be King of your life. Ask Him to be your Saviour today, if He is not already your Saviour. He will save you from your sins. Ask  Him to be your King today, if you always have your own way. Obey Christ as your King today.

May God bless you this Christmas with joy in believing Jesus the Messiah.  May you obey Christ and let Him be King of your life.

Peace and goodwill to all whom God is pleased with!


Elder Stephen Yoong