Called To Be Like Magnets

In January, we had the joy of baptizing our youngest son, Yohan in the sea here in Miyagi, Japan. Before we went into the water, I reminded Yohan regarding God’s calling for him.

As Paul reminded the believers in Corinth that they were called to be holy (1 Cor 1:2 NIV) and called into fellowship with Jesus Christ our Lord (1 Cor 1:9 NIV), I believe God has called each one of us too. From the beginning, God’s intention was for the Israelites to be a holy nation, so that other nations will be drawn to the light of God (Isaiah 60:3).

And now God is calling us, His church, to be a holy people, so that through our lives and Christian witness, we will attract people to His kingdom. And once we enter His kingdom through His Son, Jesus Christ, we are called to a life of fellowship and friendship with Jesus. I believe this is the highest calling we could ever have as His children.

The more we experience Jesus in sweet fellowship and friendship, the more our lives will reflect His love and glory, and the more our lives will become like magnets – attracting people to Jesus. No matter where we go and what we do, may we be “Jesus’ magnets” to everyone around us!

Stephan Smithdorff