Blessed To Be A Blessing

God has blessed me so much since the day I was born. I thank Him for everything that He  has done for me. He provides me with necessities like food and shelter. He provides for my studies and gives me a church which has challenged me and convicted me to change for the better. Most importantly, He reveals Himself to me and allows me to love Him and know Him.

Why do I mention all the things the Lord has been doing and will do in my life? To brag about how good He has been to me? No! It is to  glorify God for who He is and convey another message: Everything we have is given to us by God. He gives us school education by His grace. He gives us our homes and our jobs because the whole world belongs to Him. God is the one who blesses us with everything. We should not praise God, be thankful for His blessings, and do whatever we want with these blessings. That is not what He would like us to do. God blesses us and places us where we are for a reason: To use His blessings to bless others.

Recently, I had the honour of going on a short-term mission trip in San Telmo, Mexico, where this organization, 4CM, regularly visits to reach out to the locals and kids. We carried out several rehab ministries through testimonies, skits, and sermons to preach the gospel and give hope. We saw many tiny houses made of metal and wood scraps and barefooted kids wearing worn-down clothes. Some of these kids and their parents had barely anything to eat daily. Most of the time their fridges or store cupboards were empty. The mission trip had been an eye-opener for me, and I realised how truly blessed I am!

We are so blessed! God has provided everything that we have. Let us use these blessings to bless others and honour God. God has taught me to pray that my heart will be drawn closer to His heart, that my heart would break when His heart breaks and would love the way that He loves. I pray that it will be the same for you too.

Yigal Ang