I believe the notion of making new year’s resolutions has largely fallen out of favour among those my age. Nonetheless, the crossing over into a new year provokes a sense of beginning and second chances of renewal. Whatever we have considered to be our reinvention or have resolved to do in 2023, I believe that being a worshipping and witnessing Christian should be one of the resolutions that we continually make each year, not because we keep failing to fulfil it, but because we can always do better.

In Philippians 1:12-21, Paul wrote about how despite being persecuted for sharing the Gospel, his position was one of joy, for the important thing to him was that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached (v18). Indeed, he stated that because of his persecution, Christ’s message was all the more propagated through the palace guards and staff, while other Christians were emboldened to share the Gospel.

What an incredible encouragement and mandate for us to be living sacrifices of Christ, worshipping and witnessing through our behaviour, conduct, and our very lives in every way possible. Not only is it incredible, but it is also an astronomical goal for us to strive toward. As we forge bravely and perhaps with trepidation, let us make the resolution to be kinder, more loving, and be bold about  living out our beliefs in the  workplace, school  or  whichever part of society God has placed us. And when uncertainties and trials come, let us place our faith in God and be in a position of Joy.

Deacon Amos Ghui