BC Youth Camp 2023 – A Time of Discovery

The BC Youth Ministry had our Youth Camp in December 2023. We reflected on our faith and beliefs and what we might do with them. Many of us are second generation (or even third) Christians who have grown up in a Christian environment. As such, many of us ‘grow’ into Christianity and our faith, having spent our early years surrounded by Bible stories, sermons and casual discourse about God.

At the Youth Camp, we made time for everyone to reflect deeply on our knowledge of Christianity and on what we truly believe in.  We met in small groups and committed our questions and uncertainties to God. Indeed, it is important for us to be comfortable with questioning and having doubts as seeking to learn and understand will strengthen our faith and reliance on God. We were also challenged to share our beliefs with others in our own ways.

The camp culminated in a worship session with the wider church community, led by the second service worship team. The youths shared with everyone about what they had learnt during the Youth Camp. The program ended with a barbecue dinner prepared by the young adults.

Such inter-ministry collaboration is truly a reflection of a united and connected church body!

We would like to thank everyone for their support which was crucial in making the camp a meaningful and successful one.

Deacon Amos Ghui