AS THE LORD LEADS be a joyful witness of Jesus Christ (10 May 2015)

A few years ago, the LORD led David and I to look for a Christian brother Sam whom we have not seen for a long time as we were in China for 2 and 1/2 years, Myanmar 8 years  and New Zealand 4 years.

God the Holy Spirit kept prompting us to go and look for this brother.  So we prayed and asked the LORD to lead us to Sam.  David remembered that Sam’s parents used to have a stall at Old Airport road selling shoes.  However, the stall was no longer there.  We walked around and asked some people finally, someone told us that it has moved to another place nearby.

When we found him he was very surprised to see us and shared with us his situation.  His father has died and his mother was sick.  He has to look after his mother and work at the stall.  We prayed for him and I cried seeing him in this condition.  Before we left, Sam told us that he has not been to church for a long time.  As the LORD leads us we knew that God wanted us to be a witness of Jesus to Sam.  Be a witness of who God is.  God is love.  God is faithful.  God is merciful. God is Sovereign, God is the God of miracles, God is the great I AM and so on.

Since he cannot go to church, we decided to bring church to him.  We continued to visit Sam and brought him food, read the Bible, sang and prayed with him.  We just love him with the love of the LORD.   One day, he broke down and cried.  He hugged David and thanked us for obeying God.  Today, he is a different person.  He attends church and is doing Bible studies.  Just last week, we witnessed Sam telling his customers about Jesus.  We can see the joy of the LORD in Sam.  He was thankful to God  and wanted to be a witness of Jesus. Praise God!

Acts 22:15 says ‘for you will be a witness for Him to everyone of what you have seen and heard.’

Therefore, as God’s children we are to be a witness of Jesus.  A witness speaks of what he/she have seen and heard.  So as the LORD leads you ‘Go and Be’.  What is the LORD telling us?  What is it that HE wants us to be for Him at Bethesda Chapel?  Each of us here has your own stories to tell so don’t keep it to yourselves.  Learn to share the Good News to pre-believers and also encourage the believers.  It is not about what we must do, but it is about what God has done.

Witnessing for Jesus involves a 24-7-365 (366) life of obedience to Him.  As the LORD leads us be a joyful witness of Jesus in our family, our workplace, our school, our church, our community – everywhere.  We need to love God (Deut 6:5, Mt 22:37); love people (Col 3:12-15) and love & serve one  another (Gal 5:13).

Mt 5:16 says ” Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven”

Our church bulletin has the phrases ‘Enter to worship & Depart to witness’. Let us come to worship God in Spirit and in truth.  On Wednesday nights please come for prayer meetings.  I don’t know about you but I want to see a revival in Bethesda Chapel.  I have been in this church since our late brother Dane Loveday’s time.  In fact he prayed for us during our wedding 30 years ago.  So I am praying for an awakening from the LORD.

You can also join a small group to study His Word and fellowship.  What is important as a witness of Jesus is also our daily personal prayer and Quiet Time with the LORD.  Now that I am in the empty nest season, I am doing my QT together with David every morning before we start our day.  In whatever areas that the LORD is leading you to serve in Bethesda Chapel, go and just do it.

King David said, ” don’t give God something that cost you nothing.”  (2 Sam 24:24)

As the LORD leads, let us be a joyful witness of Jesus Christ.


Sister Abigail Yeo Sok Lang