Are you a Christian?

“Are you a Christian?”  This is a recurrent question for me. While most people say that being a Christian means believing in God and that Jesus died for our sins, the glaring truth is that many who give accent to this do not reflect on their lives. This fact is underscored in my observation of both close friends and TV personalities.

While growing up, my dad taught me in this regard. Firstly, just because someone claims to be a Christian does not necessarily mean that he is a Christian. Secondly, instead of being judgmental, it is not for us, but God to decide.

As I grew older, this question continued to trouble me. I hope I am not being judgmental. But looking at the lifestyle of some of my ‘so-called Christian friends,’ it actually contradicts the reality of Christian living. If there is genuine faith, surely, what follows should be that of a desire to learn more about God and obey Him.

An oft-repeated statement, “Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship” has impacted me greatly. Rather than mere outward rituals, there should be an inward relationship with God as reflected by the way we live.

In summary, I believe that our lives, everyday persona, decisions, behaviour and speech, should reflect a life governed by the Word of God. Personally, I yearn to be as Christ-like as possible. Yes, it is never easy. We make mistakes and sin. However, while we may not be perfect, we yearn to live in obedience to God.

Being a Christian may be tough. Nothing good ever comes easy. I hope that through my conduct, I can testify with the words, “I am so, because of God.”

Jireh Ang

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