An Unexpected Visitor

Last Tuesday, a new student joined our international small group in the university. She was the first student from her country to join the group and the first visually impaired student that we know. She shared that her family was communist and that they were very much against her becoming a Christian.

However, she has full conviction that Jesus is the only way to salvation and living for Him is the true purpose of life. Her mother lives with her and knows where she goes, so it is difficult for her to join any Christian group.

When her mother was away this week, a Christian friend from her faculty brought her to join us. We sang, studied the Bible, prayed for each other, and went out for dinner together.  She shared that she did not have face to face fellowship with Christians for a very long time and she was very grateful to be able to join us. Usually, she would have to secretly join Christian groups online, but even so, her mother would find out sometimes and punish her.

I was fascinated to see her read the Bible in braille and hear her stories. I could see that the other Christian students were also very amazed at how God had been working in her life.

We realized that we often take for granted our freedom to meet in groups and worship Jesus

openly. Our new friend cherishes these things so much and we are inspired to treasure the gift of fellowship and be able to practise our faith openly.

Pray that our new friend will be able to join us again, and that she can continue to grow in faith and be encouraged by fellow believers despite her circumstances.

Cherlyn Oh