New Titles in Emmaus Library, Issue 1, Jan 2014

Chuah, Tong-Ik. Help! I’m growing old [248.4 CHU]
“Chuah uses humour and personal anecdotes to discuss a wide range of issues confronting seniors and suggests many tried-and-tested ways of dealing with these. His down-to-earth approach of accepting what cannot be helped and taking positive action wherever possible will inspire one to truly ‘embrace and enjoy’ the senior years – Dr Gong Wooi Khoon.”

Ng, Desmond. Rings of fire [248.4 NG]
“A no-holds barred account of how one marriage went to the edge of the abyss, yet clawed its way back to wholeness again. All because of the power of Divine intervention. Nothing seemed to be working out for Desmond and Elaine. Even their shared interests had long paled into insignificance. And now there was someone else in the picture. Aftrer several failed attempts to try and work things, out, they were both ready to give up. But a last-ditch attempt at saving the marriage presented itself…and they found themselves at a Love After Marriage workshop where they came face to face with the extraordinary..Read on as it presents a blueprint for stronger marriages.”

Tan, Soo-Inn. Spiritual friendship : a primer [241.6 TAN]
Contents: The basis of spiritual friendship – The purpose of spiritual friendship – The elements of spiritual friendship – The practice of spiritual friendship.

Tan, Soo-Inn. 3-2-1 : following Jesus in threes [241.6 TAN]
“How can we practise the discipline of spiritual leadership in today’s busy world? This book presents a highly doable model for spiritual friendship. Seeks to explain both the whys and hows of 3-2-1 triads…contains all you need to understand and practise a 3-2-1 approach to spiritual friendship.”

Omartian, Stormie. The power of praying for your adult children [248.32 OMA]
“Perhaps you are watching your grown children step out into the world and wishing you could do more to support them while giving them the freedom they crave. You can. It doesn’t matter how young or old they are, you can rest in the power of God working through your prayers. This book addresses your unique concerns as a parent of grown children. With stories from other parents and insight gleaned from personal experience. Stormie provides fresh direction on praying with the power of God’s Word over your adult chidlren and their career choices and sense of purpose; marriages and other vital relationships; financial struggles and emotional trials. When we take our concerns to the Lord – trusting that God hears our prayers and answers them on behalf of our adult children – it means our prayers have power to effect change in their lives,” says Stormie. And that gives us a peace we can find no other way.”

Thomas, Gary. Sacred marriage : what if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy? [248.4 THO]
This book “has attained the rank of a contemporary classic. Its unique and inspiring perspectives on marriage as a spiritual discipline have influenced well-known church leaders, popular teachers, and thousands of readers worldwide… shows how your marriage can help you deepen your relationship with God. From the practice of forgiveness to the history you and your spouse create together, everything about your marriage is filled with the potential for discovering and revealing Christ’s character.”

Alcorn, Randy. Managing God’s money : a biblical guide [248.6 ALC]
“Scripture’s teaching on this subject practically screams for our attention…addresses exactly what the Bible says about how we should handle the money and possessions God owns and entrusts to our management.”

Wilkinson, Bruce. The prayer of Jabez for teens [248.83 WIL]
“Today’s teenagers are learning to pray, and this tool is for them! The impact of The Prayer of Jabez has been phenomenal — with reports of changed lives, expanded ministries, and massive spiritual breakthroughs among believers everywhere. Now teens can also receive extravagant blessing as they discover, in peer-based stories, supporting scriptures, and interactive questions, how to pray the remarkable prayer of the obscure Bible hero in I Chronicles 4:10. Teens seeking God’s best for their lives will respond to the challenge of asking for blessing — and being “blessable” before the Lord.” – review.

Westberg, Granger E. Good grief [248.86 WES]
“Each of us experience loss. Whether we face the death of a loved one, a divorce, a change in job status, or other losses, we all must work through the grief that is a natural reaction to loss and change…With gentle wisdom and acute insight into human nature, Westberg guides the reader through the stages of grief.”

Ting, John. A gentle touch : Christians and mental illness [248.86 TIN]
“Psychosis. Mood disorders. Anxiety disorders. Addictions. Mental illness is not necessarily something spiritual that can be prayed away, but often is something pathological that may benefit from medical and psychological intervention. The author, who has himself experienced clinical depression, explains how we can care for and help those who are mentally unwell – with compassion and gentleness. This book also contains many biblical examples and real-life testimonies that would be a helpful resource to pateints and caregivers, friends and family in understanding mental illness.”

Ong, Hwai Teik. Finishing well in ministry : lessons from Paul [253.2 ONG]
“The personal well-being of pastors and church leaders is often taken for granted. There is an assumption and expectation that “spiritual” people are resilient and know how to look after themselves. Unfortunately, however, many pastors and church leaders around the world do not attend adequately to personal well-being issues and consequently withdraw from ministry or fail to finish well…This book combines biblical truths based no Paul’s letter to the Philippians and important personal well-being principles for longevity and faithfulness in our ministries. No matter how long you have been in ministry, this book will spur you to “press on towards the goal for the prize of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus (Phil 3:14).”

Chua, Mark. Sabbath for pastors [253.2 CHU]
“.. has much to say about our maddening, busy lifestyle – that we may truly understand what life and pastoral ministry is all about. Sabbath is a gift of life given to us, so that we may find our rest and renewal in God. Let this book show you how to focus your life and ministry on God in order to discover in Him a wellspring of joy and delight.

Pirolo, Neal. Serving as senders [266 PIR]
“As an ordinary human being interested in missions yet called to stay at home, how can I get involved in the Great Commission of world evangelization? You can serve as sender! Those who go and those who serve as senders are like two units on the same cross-cultural outreach team. Both are equally important. Both are dynamically integrated. Both are moving toward the same goal of the fulfilment of the Great Commission. And both are assured success, for those in God’s work are on the winning team!”

Tan, Lai Yong. Biting the bamboo : insights and stories from Yunnan [266 TAN]
“…a collection of columns by Dr Tan Lai Yong, based on his experience in China. It is as he explains, not an encyclopedic account of life in Yunnan. Rather it simply gives a glimpse of what “I have seen through my own untrained urban eyes. Those eyes have seen much. Sample some of the observations from his poignant columns.”

Lewis, Gregg. Gifted hands : the Ben Carson story [610.69 LEW]
“Tells the extraordinary true story of an angry young boy from the inner city. Through faith and determination, Ben Carson grew up to become one of the world’s leading pediatric neurosurgeons. When he was in school, his peers called him the class dummy. But his mother encouraged Ben to succeed, and he discovered a deep love of learning. Ben found that anything is possible with trust and determination.”

Garrett, Ginger. Beauty secrets of the Bible : the ancient arts of beauty & fragrance [646.7042 GAR]
“…unlocks the secrets of the beauty treatments of our ancient sisters in the Bible. In some ways, these treatments, free of harmful synthetic chemicals and preservatives, are superior to the ones advertised today. Ginger shows you how to create the most luxurious, exclusive skin care and beauty regimen imaginable – one that will give you real results and can even help you save over $1,500 a year. In this book, you will discover : beauty secrets the cosmetic industry doesn’t want you to know; all-natural cosmetic alternatives that you can create at home; A twenty-eight day cleansing regimen for your body, mind, and spirit; Treatments for common skin ailments ranging from acne to wrinkles; Secrets for glowing skin and shiny hair; Essential oils and fragrances that can enrich your beauty regimen; Biblical foods that promote a healthy weight.”

Muoi, Hat. Out of the dark night : a collection of short stories from Asia [823 MUO]
“Unimaginable hardship and pain on a daily basis …unremittingly, with no ‘happily ever after’ in sight. Each one of the stories in this book will hit you like a punch in the gut. If you think that life has handed you lemons and you’re ready to pack it in, read just one story from this collection – any story – and you will soon realise that there is a Light that will shine into even the darkest of nights. Painstakingly compiled by the Hat Muoi team over the course of many years, this book is the result of their belief that there are many precious lessons to be learnt in adversity. And the great news is that each one of us has equal access to the Source of help and healing that these men and women had.”


Redman, Matt. Sing like never before : the essential collection [782.254 RED]
“10,000 reasons (Bless the Lord) — Our God — Better is one day — You never let go — Never once — Love so high — You alone can rescue — The heart of worship (featuring Martin Smith) — Blessed be Your name — Lord, let Your glory fall — Nothing but the blood — The Father’s song — Once again — Dancing generation — Twenty seven million.”

2013 ultimate worship : 30 worship songs of adoration [782.254 TWE]
CD 1. Giving you my all — At your name — God my rock — 10,000 reasons — Revelation song — Great the name — All to Him — Do it again — We are the free — Build your kingdom here — Spirit break out — Jesus at the centre — Trust in the Lord — Strong God — Here you are.
CD 2. Guardian — Your love never fails — Do not stand at my grave and weep — The same love — Draw me close — Your presence is Heaven — Hear the sound — Creation sings — You are my vision — Great I am — Sovereign over us — Saviour’s song — God is love — Manifesto — Be exalted.


The Climb [248.4 CLI]
1 DVD, 101 mins.
“Two hotshot solo climbers forged an uneasy friendship in order to reach their ultimate summit. A daring rescue just earned flamboyant Derrick Williams the climb of a lifetime, but his dream comes with an unwanted partner. “Safety man” Michael Harris doesn’t hot hog, doesn’t blaze trails and rarely takes life to the edge. Training takes a back seat to their fire-and-ice relationship. But no amount of training can
prepare this turbulent team for the harsh reality of the Chilean Andes. The Climb escalates into a test of wits, character and sacrifice that pushes both men beyond limits.”