New Titles in Emmaus Library, Issue 6, Nov 2013

Booker, Richard. Discovering the miracle of the scarlet thread in every book of the Bible [220.61 BOO]
“The author provides exciting biblical background; an interesting survey of each book in the Bible; each book’s master theme; practical principles, forms, and guidelines for your own life-enriching Bible study. The sometimes hard-to-understand teachings of Jesus in their original culture and context come alive and become real through the book. This book about the Bible will change the way you think about His Word – His life-changing and eternal Word.”

Wiersbe, Warren W. Be counted : living a life that counts for God : OT commentary : Numbers [222.14 WIE]
“Numbers can be deceiving. The book of Numbers opens with a count of every person fit to serve during the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt. Yet, while over six hundred thousand were counted, only two were allowed to enter the Promised Land. The lesson? God values quality over quantity. And as the next generation finally experienced God’s promise, we discover that He doesn’t just want us counted as believers. He wants us as people He can count on.”

Wiersbe, Warren W. Be rich : gaining the things that money can’t buy : NT commentary, Ephesians [227.5 WIE]
“Unpacks the book of Ephesians to reveal the countercultural nature of the gospel. Through helpful illustrations and analysis, he opens our eyes to the riches that we already have in Christ but often fail to see. We have the Holy Spirit to empower us for the work of the kingdom. We have the necessary spiritual armor to fight off enemy attacks. We have the promise of eternity with a loving Father and perfect God. Not only has God given us the promise of an eternity in heaven, He has also given us the reality of a relationship with Him right here on earth. Be encouraged in this good news, and stop seeking the things of this world, for we already have the priceless gift of eternal life in Christ!”

Pawson, David. Christianity explained [230 PAW]
“A thoroughly readable book offering a condensed and well illustrated survey of basic Christian truths. Such matters of keen debate as believers’ baptism, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and the Second Coming are faced with refreshing clarity” – Bishop John Perry.

Pawson, David. Leadership is male : what does the Bible say?”>[230 PAW]
“Here is a simple, sane, serious treatment of the subject by a man who loves God, respects women, and takes the inspiration of Scripture and the integrity of the apostles for granted. He deals with all the ‘difficult’ texts. He tells us that his subject is not a clerical issue, nor is it hierarchical, historical, or experimental; it is biblical.”

Goll, James W. Praying for Israel’s destiny : intercession for God’s purposes in the Middle East [231.76 GOL]
Contents: Appointed a watchman for Israel — Character to carry the burden — A heart like these — The descendants of Hagar — The descendants of Sarah — The descendants of Keturah — Jerusalem : a city of destiny — Praying for the fulfilment of Aliyah — God’s road map for Israel’s future.

Willmington, H.L. The King is coming : an outline study of the last days[236.9 WIL]
“A concise, complete, nontechnical presentation, in clear outline form, of what the Bible teaches about the events of the end times. Brings into perspective these elements of Christ’s return: The rapture of the church; the judgment seat of Christ. The marriage of the Lamb; the seven-sealed book; the Tribulation; the second coming of Christ; The Millennium; the final revolt of Satan; the Great White Throne judgment; the destruction of the present earth and heavens; the new creation of Heaven and Earth.”

Callaway, Phil. Who put my life on fast-forward : how to slow down & start living again [241.4 CAL]
“Millionaires, CEOs and “regular folk so tired they can hardly lace up their Velcro tennis shoes” demonstrate how, with God’s help, it’s possible to pause and play in a fast-forward culture. As you put your feet up to take a well-deserved break, enjoy Phil Callaway’s wit and candour in chapters such as …“Stressbusters 101”, “A Matter of Life and Debt”, “The Fruit of the Spirit is Not Lemons”…If you feel stuck in an unending loop of busyness and fatigue, take heart! You will find inspiring words to help you slow down, add rest and joy to your life, and find the missing peace.”

Whispering in God’s ear : true stories inspiring childlike faith [242 WHI]
“…Inspiring and often humorous, this book reminds us that children seem to have a direct connection to Heaven. Their unbounded trust reveals a belief in a heavenly Father who cares about every detail of their lives. Their prayers show a confidence in a powerful God whose reach extends to every corner of their world. And their wholehearted expressions of love reflect a joy that can come only from the Giver of life. This poignant collection of stories offers insight into the lives of favourite authors while giving a glimpse of God’s heart, as seen through the eyes of the very young. Your spiritual life may never be the same after you encounter these little giants of faith.”

Mayo, Mary Ann. Twilight travels with mother : how I found strength, hope, and a sense of humor living with Alzheimer’s [248.8 MAY]
“The latest help and research that cuts through medical jargon. Motivating humour to help you cope for another day. The insight of someone who’s been there. Twice. Certified counsellor Mary Ann Mayo gives you all of these things and more from twenty years of caring for two parents struck by Alzheimer’s disease. Like a trusted friend, Mayo guides you on quality of life issues from nutrition and independence to letting go and inevitably planning a funeral. She also brings you relief and laughter as she accounts surprising ways to cope with the unimaginable (like when her mother decided to marry again … if she could just remember how to get to the church on time – and who the groom was). If you have a friend or family member with Alzheimer’s, are their principle caregiver, or fear the disease will someday affect you, this will give you the encouragement and tools you need to keep going.”

Clinton, Tim. Loving your child too much : how to keep a close relationship with your child without overindulging, overprotecting, or overcontrolling [248.845 CLI]
“Offer practical, grounded advice to shower kids with love, without … overindulging – how do you support, encourage and share the blessings you’ve been given to your child without spoiling? Overprotecting – how do you protect your children from the evils of the world yet allow them to grow into strong, independent adults, capable of trusting others and making good decisions? Overcontrolling – how do you help your child take ownership of his behaivour and learn to live within limits without squelching his individualism?”

Kolf, June Cerza. When will I stop hurting? [248.86 KOL]
“…offers practical and therapeutic ways of dealing with depression and easing pain and gives creative ideas for expressing your love and remembrances. The grief exercises provided in this book are an outlet for working through your pain on your own or in a small group meeting. Most of all, this book guides you through the rough terrain of grieving, it will also point you to God, the one true source of healing.”

Walsh, Sheila. Unexpected grace [248.86 WAL]
“A tender account of the relationship between a mother and daughter-in-law and how they discovered extravagant grace in the midst of what could have been the most tragic experience of their lives. Their story will encourage you and help you see how God can bring good out of even the bleakest circumstances.”

Benge, Janet. Brother Andrew : God’s secret agent [266 BEN]
“Lord, make seeing eyes blind,” Andrew prayed as two border guards emerged from the guardhouse and asked him to step out of his car. One guard opened Andrew’s suitcase. As he moved aside some shirts, there in plain view were the gospel tracts. Andrew’s palms grey clammy. A person carrying such material would be arrested on the spot… When he became God’s smuggler, Brother Andrew was already familiar with risk. As a boy, the intrepid Andrew joined the Dutch Resistance against the Nazi occupation. As a young man, he fought eagerly in the Dutch East Indies – until the horror of war turned the adventure seeker to a life of alcohol and desperation. Redeemed by God, the Dutchman became a daring messenger of hope, smuggling Scripture through closed borders and equipping persecuted Christians behind the Iron Curtain. Today Brother Andrew and the ministry of Open Doors continue to shine the light of Christ in the world’s darkest places.”

Benge, Janet. Jonathan Goforth : an open door in China [266 BEN]
“What would make you come back?” the Chinese people asked. “What is so important that you would risk your life to tell us?” Jonathan eagerly explained to them what had brought him back to China, even after so many foreigners had been killed: the need to share the gospel…As a poor Canadian farm boy, Jonathan had no idea
that he would spend most of his life braving disaster, danger, and disease to share God’s love with the people of China. But when God led him to do just that, nothing, not even the violent Boxer Rebellion, would stop Jonathan and his family from answering God’s call. Making their home in China, the Goforths opened their doors to as many as five thousand visitors a month, all of whom heard the gospel message. Their nearly fifty years of service to a nation in need would leave behind a legacy of many thousands of Chinese Christians.”

Rush, John. The man with the bird on his head : the amazing fulfilment of a mysterious island prophecy [266 RUS]
“Cargo cult villagers march in formation at the base of a rumbling and fiery volcano. Their ancient prophecies predict the return of a mysterious messenger. Are these prophecies about to come true? Sail with the crew of a medical mission ship into the middle of the hopes and history of this unreached Pacific people group… Amazing true stories of spiritual victory and personal triumph. On every continent, in every nation, God is at work in and through the lives of believers. From the streets of Amsterdam to remote Pacific islands to the jungles of Ecuador and beyond, each international adventure that emerges is a dramatic episode that could be directed only by the hand of God.”

Shelley, Bruce L. Transformed by love : the Vernon Grounds story [269.2 SHE]
“As a young intellectual, poet, pacifist, and university student, Vernon’s life was on a track away from God. But the Lord intervened, and Grounds became a devout Christian. In time, he also became a college professor, a dean, and eventually president of Denver Seminary. Born in 1914, Vernon’s life has spanned the birth and maturing of modern evangelism. Thus, his story also gives clear insights into the history of the evangelical church in the 20th century. You will be inspired by the life of this vibrant man of God who has grown old as a disciple and faithful servant of Jesus Christ – a man who has earned the love and respect of all who know him. You will find in him a role model for a life totally dedicated to living by faith, hope and above all, love.”


Soul surfer : the incredible true story of Bethany Hamilton [248.4 SOU]
1 DVD (105 mins)
“Teen surfer Bethany Hamilton loses her arm in a shark attack and courageously overcomes all odds to become a champion again, through her sheer determination and unwavering faith.