New Titles in Emmaus Library, Issue 5, Nov 2014

Harmon, Dan. 128 greatest stories from the Bible [220.9505 HAR]
“Rediscover the stories of your favourite – and maybe not so favourite – Bible characters. See through the eyes of men, women and children as they face challenges of faith, love and courage. Some heard the Master’s voice. Others take another path. These ancient yet compelling stories, passed down from generation to generation, are as timeless as the lessons they teach. The scenes and people may change, but God and His Word do not. The lives of these Bible characters will inspire, challenge, and encourage you in your walk with God.”

Strobel, Lee. The case for Christ [232.9 STR]
“There’s little question that he actually lived. But miracles? Rising from the dead? Some of the stories you hear about him sound like just that – stories. A reasonable person would never believe them, let alone the claim that he’s the only way to God! But a reasonable person would also make sure that he or she understood that facts before jumping to conclusions. That’s also why Lee Strobel – an award-winning legal journalist with a knack for asking tough questions – decided to investigate Jesus for himself. An atheist, Strobel felt certain his findings would bring Christianity’s claims about Jesus tumbling down like a house of cards. He was in for the surprise of his life. Join him as he retraces his journey from skepticism to faith. You’ll consult expert testimony as you sift through the truths that history, science, psychiatry, literature, and religion reveal. Like Strobel, you’ll be amazed at the evidence – how much there is, how strong it is, and what it says.”

Wommack, Andrew. God wants you well [234.13 WOM]
“Many people find it difficult to believe that God wants them well. They may be suffering personally or perhaps watching a loved one endure sickness and pain. In either case, they become discouraged after their prayers seemingly go unanswered. They then conclude that God must be allowing this to happen or worse, that He has caused it. Both are wrong and both bring into question the goodness of God. Andrew shares the truth of what God’s unconditional love and grace has already provided. Healing is a big part of that provision. He answers many common questions including those about Paul’s thorn in the flesh, the sovereignty of God and more. If you or someone you know is in need of healing, this book is for you.”

Booker, Richard. Celebrating Jesus in the Biblical feasts : discovering their significance to you as a Christian [263.9 BOO]
Contents: Introduction — The Biblical Jewish Calendar — Passover — Unleavened bread — Firstfruits — Pentecost — Trumpets — Atonement — Tabernacles — Purim — Hanukkah — How Christians can celebrate Jesus in the feasts.

Watchman Nee. A balanced Christian life [248 WAT]
“Ephraim is a cake not turned”(Hosea 7:8). This is a figurative way of saying ‘not balanced’. The cake is burned on the one side, uncooked on the other; on one side it is overdone, on the other, totally undone. The cake is unfit to be eaten and is thus destined to be cast out. In this book, Watchman Nee attempts to show from God’s Word the perfect exclusion of the other side of truth. This has caused much confusion and many problems among God’s people. It is essential that we know the balance of truth and hold on to both sides so that our Christian life may be well rounded as God has ordained.”

Jackson, Jason. Faith Unplugged : stories for guys to challenge what you believe and how you live [248.832 JAC]
Collects stories on challenging aspects of life that a teenage boy might encounter, such as doubt, homosexuality, and partying, accompanying each with a biblical quote, a rule of thumb, a prayer, and suggestions on how to act.

Bowie, Audrey. Being God’s woman : the role of Christian woman in home church and community [248.843 BOW]
Contents: Part I. Woman – a guide to feminine discipleship – Part II. Being God’s woman in marriage – Part III. Being God’s woman in singleness – Part IV. Being God’s woman in the home and as a mother. – Part V. Being God’s woman in church and community.

Bevere, John. Breaking intimidation [248.86 BEV]
“Everyone has been intimidated at some time in life! Do you really know why it happened or how to keep it from happening again? John Bevere exposes threats and pressures, breaks the fearful grip, and teaches you to release God’s gifts and establish His dominion in your life…Face the gnarly roots of intimidation, and learn why it is hard for you to say “no,” why you’re afraid of confrontation, why you strive to avoid conflict, and why you spend so much energy on pleasing others. Don’t let your fear hold you back! Shake free from depression, hopelessness and confusion, and walk in a new boldness and confidence in the power of Jesus Christ.”

Copeland, Gloria. God’s Will for your healing [248.86 COP]
“Is it really God’s Will for you to be healed?. As a born-again believer, you’ve got to be sure. One day your life may depend on it. Let Gloria Copeland guide you through the Word of God and show you the scriptural answers to questions that may be standing between you and the healing power of God. Questions such as: what is the real origin of sickness and disease? Does God use illness to teach us spiritual lessons? What was Paul’s “thorn in the flesh”? Did God really refuse to deliver him from it? Is God glorified in the brave way Christians suffer or does He receive glory when we are healed? If healing is God’s Will, then why aren’t Christians always healed?”

Should Christians embrace evolution? : Biblical and scientific responses [261.2 SHO]
Contents: A twenty-first-century challenge / Phil Hills — Evolution and the church / Alistair Donald — The language of Genesis / Alistair McKitterick — Adam and Eve / Michael Reeves — The fall and death / Greg Haslam — Creation, redemption and eschatology / David Anderson — The nature and character of God / Andrew Sibley — Faith and creation / R.T. Kendall — Towards a science worthy of creatures in imago Dei / Steve Fuller — Interpretation of scientific evidence: A. Homology / Norman Nevin. B. The nature of the fossil record / Norman Nevin. C. Chromosomal fusion and common ancestry / Geoff Barnard. D. Information and thermodynamics / Andy McIntosh — Does the genome provide evidence for common ancestry? / Geoff Barnard — The origin of life: scientists play dice / John Walton —
Conclusion: should Christians embrace evolution? / Phil Hills and Norman Nevin.

Hale, Thomas. Living stones of the Himalayas [266.025 HAL]
“In this true story, the faith and humility of doctors Tom and Cynthia Hale are matched by the beguiling personality and character of the Nepalese people, the majority of whom are subsistence farmers who share much in common with the poor of all developing countries. This book, like its predecessors, Don’t Let the Goats Eat the Loquat Trees and On the Far Side of Liglig Mountain, is a graphic portrait of the human condition and the growing pains of the unique and intriguing land of Nepal with its astonishing beauty that exists side by side with faith and superstition, sickness and death, ancient traditions and twentieth century innovation, courage and joie de vivre. This book is a fascinating account of everyday and sometimes incredible experiences mingled with humour, understanding and love for humanity.”


The Bible : the epic miniseries [220.9505 BIB]
“Breathtaking in scope and scale, The Bible features powerful performances, exotic locales and dazzling visual effects that breathe spectacular life into the dramatic tales of faith and courage from Genesis through Revelation.
Contents: Disc 1. In the Beginning – Exodus – Homeland — Disc 2. Kingdom – Survival – Hope — Disc 3. Mission. Betrayal. Passion — Disc 4. Courage. The Bible: Genesis – The Cast of The Bible – The Bible: Creation – Scoring the Bible – Believing in Miracles -The Bible: Visual Effects – “Mary, Did You Know?” Music Video.”

Romans : the letter that changed the world [227.1 ROM]
“Of all the letters ever written, none has been read by more people or had a more profound effect on the world than a letter the apostle Paul wrote 2,000 years ago to a small, young church in Rome. In it, Paul clearly challenged the thinking of everyone in the civilized world of his day. From Caesar to religious leaders to commoners, Paul confronted their thinking about life and religion and offered them a clear presentation of what the Christian faith is all about. Join hosts Matt DeHaan and Jimmy DeYoung as they take you to visit archaeological remains from the Roman Empire where this letter was written and find out what millions of others have discovered about life and hope. The message of Paul’s letter is still as timely today as when it was first written.”