New Titles in Emmaus Library — Issue 4, June 2012

Anders, Max E.  Just the FAQs about the Holy Spirit [231.1 AND]

“Many Christians desire to know and understand the Holy Spirit personally. This book offers understanding about the third person of the Trinity and helps people know how the Holy Spirit can influence their lives.”


Campbell, Ross. How to Really Love Your Adult Child [248.4 CAM]

“Show you how to build mutual love, trust, and respect between the generations. Offer wise and practical insights on such areas as: setting guidelines for the “un-empty nest”; understanding “those amazing Millennials”; discovering the joys (and challenges) of being an in-law and a grandparent; helping when your child is struggling; confronting differences in values and lifestyles.”


Mathew, Thomas. My Formula [248.4 MAT]
“Do you worry about tomorrow, about your investment, about everything? Is your sense of well-being determined by the pursuance of wealth and material success? But there is hope if you are willing to learn from your failure. I have learnt that I must be a good steward of my resources and be content with enough; I should never measure my happiness with money. And I thank God for His mercy and grace. So be vigilant…be responsible…be accountable – from author.”


McIntosh, Doug. Life’s Greatest Journey : how to be heavenly minded and of earthly good [248.4 MCI]

“A pilgrim mindset is exactly what the author invites you to embrace as you join him on the trip of a lifetime!  What does it mean to be a pilgrim of God?  God characterises the whole of Christian living as a pilgrimage. We determine what being one of God’s pilgrims means when we enter into conflict with this world’s values and philosophies. With thoughtful insight and a strong biblical foundation, McIntosh will guide you on the path not to a shrine, but to the identity of your true homeland. As you saturate your mind with the truths in Life’s Greatest Journey, you will discover a pilgrim’s values, vision, ethics, politics, temptations, and sufferings. But no matter how demanding or unexpected the trails may be, McIntosh assures us that the Master walks with us and rewards us at the end of the journey.”


Veeran Singam. Streetfighter : from gangster to pastor [248.4 VEE]

“…the story of a youth who grew up in Sembawang in the tumultuous 1960s and 1970s in Singapore. Sucked into a Chinese secret society at a young age, Veeran rose to become a top fighter in his gang, always ready to solve problems with his fists and weapons. But while he was respected and feared for his boldness and loyalty, Veeran was in fact struggling inside. He looked to escape his life, and more than anything, sought peace, quiet and freedom from violence. That peace eluded him for many years, and attempts to find a way out failed, as he plunged deeper an deeper into a life of crime and violence. It was only in prison that Veeran found someone who could help him find the peace he had always wanted.”


Verwer, George. No turning back [248.4 VER]

“The Bible demands revolutionary commitment and sacrificial love. This book is a vigorous and practical call to Christians to really get involved in obeying Christ. A call for rededication, this book is designed to reveal how Christians can enter active service. It presents the disciple’s weapons, teaches how to press on when the going gets tough, and seeks to help Christians to ‘live a life of love’, ‘worthy of the God they serve.”


Living for What Really Matters : long term values in a short-term world
[248.4 RIN]

“Living for now is all that really matters, the world tells you.  Since the world is where you spend 24 hours each day, it’s easy to adopt this short-term mindset. So you find yourself with split vision: your destiny is eternity with God, yet heaven doesn’t really break in on your plans for today. And that, somehow, just doesn’t seem right. You long to make personal choices which reflect lasting values. But how? This book will renew your perspective on people, work, ambition, money, family, and affliction. Instead of allowing timebound concerns to set your life agenda, you’ll learn how God can lend long-term direction and meaning to every decision you make, no matter how small.”


James, G.D. Faith and freedom [234.2 JAM]

“Relates story after story of people finding God through faith and then living for God by faith. The author shares his own conversion from Hinduism to Christ, his gospel passion reaches out to you and me. He wants us all to share the wonderful news about salvation. He encourages everyone to do this. He reminds us that “the Lord Jesus Christ embarked on His strategy of world evangelism with a handful of men, who would have been unlikely candidates for modern mission.”


James, G.D. Arresting anecdotes [251.08 JAM]

“…A number of incidents recorded within its pages are the by-products of about forty-one years in the Lord’s service. Many anecdotes and illustrations have been gleaned from papers, magazines, over many years.  Also, from speakers around the world.”


Rhodes, Ron. The Complete Guide to Christian denominations : understanding the history, beliefs and differences [280.4 RHO]

“Facts about the people, the circumstances, and teaching behind most of the churches in America. In addition to membership statistics, you’ll find a brief explanation of how the denomination began, a summary of its teachings on God, the Bible, the church, and other important topics, and an overview of some of its distinctive characteristics.”


Maxwell, John C. Go for Gold : Inspiration to increase your leadership impact [658.4 MAX]

“Designed to help supercharge your growth as a leader. Offers daily bite-sized leadership lessons from Dr Maxwell’s catalog of leadership and personal development books. Learn how to spot an eagle and how to put people in their strength zone. As you learn that “Influence Should be Loaned but Never Given,” discover the five-step training process and when to partner with others. This book will help you jump-start your leadership growth with wisdom and best practices from John C. Maxwell.”


Zacharias, Ravi. The End of Reason : A response to the new atheists [239.7 ZAC]  “Is God real or a creation of your imagination?  The author refutes an atheist. When you pray, are you talking to a God who exists? Or is God nothing more than your “imaginary friend,” like a playmate contrived by a lonely and imaginative child?  The author underscores the dependability of the Bible along with his belief in the power and goodness of God. He confidently refutes Harris’ claims that God is nothing more than a figment of one’s imagination and that Christians regularly practice intolerance and hatred around the globe.  The clarity and hope in this book reach out to readers who know and follow God as well as those who reject God.”


Reeb, Lloyd. From Success to Significance : when the pursuit of success isn’t enough [248.84 REE]

“You’ve achieved a measure of success in the first half of life, and it’s been a thrill. But deep in your heart, you want your second half to count for something far more. Something bigger than you. Significance. You’re not alone; you’re in “Halftime.” You want to discover where your deepest passions intersect with your greatest abilities and harness them to help change the world. But what does significance look like? How do you attain it? What will it cost you? What if you are not yet financially independent? Who can help you make sense out of this stage of life?  In this book, the author unfolds a blueprint that has helped thousands of men and women redefine success and infuse their lives with eternal significance. Adapt Reeb’s approach to your circumstances and, with God’s help, put it in motion. It works, and it will work for you.”


Lashbrook, Marilyn. “Now I See : the story of the man born blind” [220.9505 LAS]

“This story will help your child learn about God’s love and His desire to heal our hurts. Your little one will also learn that it is not enough just to know about Jesus. We must respond to Him with faith and obedience.”

Lashbrook, Marilyn. “I May Be Little : the story of David’s growth” [220.9505 LAS]

“Preschool children sometimes feel very small. Older brothers and sisters and other children are able to do so many things. Through the story of David, your little one will learn that doing little jobs well will lead to bigger things.”

Elijah helps the widow : the story of Elijah and the drought : 1 Kings 17:1-16 for children [220.9505 LAS]

Dietrich, Julie. David and His Friend, Jonathan [220.9505 LAS]

A retelling in rhymed verse of the story of the friendship between David, the future King of Israel, and Jonathan, son of King Saul.


For Your Love / Patrick Leong [782.254 LEO]

1 CD

Contents: 1. Worship the Lord – 2. Who’s like the Lord – 3. For your love – 4. Hear my prayer – 5. Open arms – 6. Psalm 23 – 7. That mighty touch – 8. For your love (Japanese) – 9. Psalm 23 (Bahasa Malaysia) – 10. Take me on (duet).


Don Moen : Uncharted Territory / MMII Provident Music Distribution [782.254 DON]

1 CD

Contents: 1. Uncharted territory – 2. You will be my song – 3. Somebody’s praying for me – 4. Great things – 5. You love never fails – 6. Lord have mercy – 7. Ransomed – 8. Divine exchange – 9. My portion you will ever be – 10. No fear – 11. He loves you – 12. Thank you Jesus – 13. Burn.



The Ultimate Winner [234.5 ULT]

1 DVD (97 mins)

“At a tender age, Shin Tian Cai has been influenced by his father’s gambling addiction and known among his peers as the junior gambling king. At 8 years of age, Tian Cai’s father died in a mishap leaving behind Tian Cai to fend for himself. As the years go by, Tian Cai marries Zhi Hui who is about to give birth to their first child. Tian Cai gambles to support his family and believes that through gambling he will become rich. Tian Cai works with Honey, a junket who harbours deep affection for him, and wins at high-stake gambling sessions. With Tian Cai’s innate gambling instinct and talent, he manages to make a huge windfall. However, Tian Cai’s gambling ability generates envy and hatred from a Taiwanese tycoon Li Guan Jun. Each step that Tian Cai takes ultimately brings him closer to his nemesis and imminent death.”