New Titles in Emmaus Library, Issue 4, July 2013

Douglas, Alban. One hundred Bible lessons [220 DOU]
“Comprehensive outlines of major Christian doctrines and key themes relevant to Christian life today.”

Black, Dale. Flight to Heaven : a pilot’s true story [231.73 BLA]
“Capt. Dale Black has flown as a commercial pilot all over the world, but one flight changed his life forever – an amazing journey to heaven and back. The only survivor of a horrific plane crash, Dale was hovering between life and death when he had a wondrous experience of heaven. What he saw, what he heard, and what he learned there continues to ripple through his life and touch others. Against all odds, Dale miraculously recovered from his injuries and learned to fly again. Now, with his lfie as a testament, he shares his inspiring story – offering hope and encouragement for those dealing with serious injuries or the loss of a loved one, and those looking for assurance about this life and the next.”

DeYoung, Don. Thousands…not billions : challenging an icon of evolution [231.765 DEY]
“”This book summarizes eight years of research by the Institute for Creation Research and a team of scientists, whose goal was to explore the age of the earth from a biblical perspective. The project title was Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth, or RATE. The Bible is explicit that the earth is young, but many people feel that science has proved our planet is more than four billion years old. This book provides a compelling challenge to Darwinian evolution.”

Strobel, Lee. The case for faith : a journalist investigates the toughest objections to Christianity [239 STR]
“The author, a former atheist who became a Christian after two years of examining the historical evidence about God and Jesus, addresses some of the bothersome issues that often hinder people in their quest for faith, including questions about suffering and evil, science and evolution, different beliefs, hell, and doubt.
Contents: Introduction: The Challenge of Faith — On the Road to Answers — Since Evil and Suffering Exist, a Loving God Cannot — Since Miracles Contradict Science, They Cannot Be True — Evolution Explains Life, So God Isn’t Needed — God Isn’t Worthy of Worship If He Kills Innocent Children — It’s Offensive to Claim Jesus Is the Only Way to God — A Loving God Would Never Torture People in Hell — Church History Is Littered with Oppression and Violence — I Still Have Doubts, So I Can’t Be a Christian — Conclusion: The Power of Faith.”

Wong, David W. F. The koi pond [241.46 WON]
“While helping his father fulfil a lifelong dream of digging a pond in the garden, he unearths an old key. With it, they must unlock the story within a silent recluse who is haunted by a recurring dream…they must relive the tragedy of death, and replace what fire destroyed with water brimming with life.”

Castleman, Robbie. True love in a world of false hope [241.66 CAS]
“In a sex-saturated society, sex is on everyone’s mind. Christians are no exception. But Christians think sex should have to do with true love and that God defines what true love is. Robbie Castleman believes reclaiming God’s plan for sexual relationships is a journey toward holiness. She shows how unmarried Christians can wait until marriage without turning into prudes or wallflowers. She helps us see how we can mould and groom our desires, preparing for a lifetime of joyous and responsible sex within marriage.”

The promise of prayer : real stories from Guideposts about the power of prayer [248.3 PRO]
“Discover the power of prayer in these stories: The miracle of asking. What praying for others can do for you. How to feel useful. The prayer of helplessness. When your prayers seem unanswered.”

Gumbel, Nicky. Searching issues : exploring the meaning of life [248.4 GUM]
“Why does God allow suffering? Do all religions lead to God? Is there anything wrong with sex before marriage? Tough questions that require straight answers. Nicky discusses these and four other common objections to the Christian faith.”

Boice, James Montgomery. Christ call to discipleship [248.4 BOI]
“Discipleship means forsaking everything to follow Christ. But for many of today’s supposed Christians – perhaps the majority – it is the case that while there is much talk about Christ and even much furious activity, there is actually very ltitle following of Christ Himself. Total commitment…is an acknowledgment of Christ as Saviour and, just as important, Christ as Lord. Dr Boice outlines the meaning, path, cost, and rewards of being a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Discipleship is lifelong, and it is total. And the rewards are priceless.”

Price, Charles W. Alive in Christ : how to find renewed spiritual power
[248.4 PRI]
“Using several Old Testament types such as the ark of the covenant, the manna, the stone tablets, and others, Charles W. Price shows us how God’s presence, His laws, and His daily provision – and only His – are what will satisfy us in the frenetic pace of modern life. His exposition of these seldom-recognised symbols reveals the abundant power of Christ’s love and the relevancy of God’s Word. Presents an exciting and encouraging new challenge for anyone who has experienced spiritual discouragement : step out confidently and live in the limitless power of the resurrected Lord!”

Sjogren, Bob. Unveiled at last : discover God’s hidden message from Genesis to Revelation [248.4 SJO]
“Read your Bible as one book with one introduction, one story, one conclusion. Discover a unifying theme woven throughout the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation unveiling God’s purpose for you in a fresh new way!”

Lim. Su Min. Lessons in love [248.844 LIM]
“Written in the form of email letters to help young people get along as husband and wife. It comprises practical clues on how to continually work on keeping their marriage in good order and sharing many Bible verses, because we believe that the Christian way of life allows us to experience heaven here on earth. Most people marry expecting a happy marriage. Few realise the importance of constantly working on maintaining their marriage. Lack of maintenance is the same as neglect. The inevitable result of a neglected marriage is a deteriorating relationship.”

Ong, David. Talking the walk [248.86 ONG]
“I…was riveted by each word. It is gripping and thought provoking. It challenged me to believe more and climb together. What a treasure!…David did an excellent job of revealing the nature and character of God. His transparency was refreshing and highly encouraging. What a beautiful story and what a beautiful God! – Rhonda Calhoun, Co-founder of Harvest Home, Inc.

VanVonderen, Jeff. Soul repair : rebuilding your spiritual life [248.86 VAN]
“If your relationship with God – your spiritual life – has been uneasy, complex, confusing or hurtful, then this book was written for you. It is not, however, just about you; it is most definitely about us, the authors, as well… Thankfully, we are also coming to know what it is like for our spirituality to be a precious, grace-filled and practical resource in life…We know the peace that comes when our spirits are freed from fears, shame and resentments…Experiencing God’s grace and love, however, does not mean that we are no longer vulnerable to destructive spirituality…Even in our moments of deepest spiritual brokenness, when we can see nothing but ruin, God sees opportunities for blessing. Jesus put it simply: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:3).”

Cioccolanti, Steve. From Buddha to Jesus : an insider’s view of Buddhism and Christianity [261.243 CIO]
“Highlights similarities and builds bridges of understanding between the two major religions. The account is studded with stories, parables and illuminating observations. Discover Buddhism the way it’s actually lived, not the way it’s been presented in textbooks or by Hollywood!”

Halliday, Judy Wardell. Thin again : a biblical approach to food, eating, and weight management [261.83 HAL]
“Goes beyond trendy, short-term weight-control plans that treat the root issue of most eating problems: We try to satisfy our souls, as well as our bodies, with food. We all crave intimacy, security, and acceptance. When these needs are not met, we often turn to substitutions such as food…deals with the real, beneath-the-surface reasons we struggle with food, and it stresses the meeting of emotional and spiritual hungers. As these issues are resolved, you will gain a freeing perspective on hunger and food and will live a more fulfilling life as a result.”

Chong Kwong Tek and Chua Wee Hian. Lovers for life [261.835 CHO]
“…a stimulating, frank and down-to-earth treatment on the subjects of sex, courtship, marriage and family life. The authors do not offer pious platitudes nor do they lead their readers into a maze of intricate and complex principles. They quote extensively from case histories, from their personal and professional contacts with scores of young Asians. Practical guidelines for actions are sympathetically set out for readers to follow. Topics like sex drives, changing sexual standards, sexual taboos, dating, petting, masturbation, homosexual love, sexual union, orgasm, problems with children and in-laws, servants, dowries and wedding feasts are discussed and tackled from both a biblical as well as an Asian perspective. The warm and humorous style of the authors make this a very readable book.”

Fuqua, Dennis. United and ignited : encountering God through dynamic corporate prayer [264.1 FUQ]
“Give fresh meaning to the question, “Would you lead us in prayer?”: Structured around nearly 100 questions and answers in 12 sections on how to lead meaningful times of group prayer – what are the essential elements of meaningful group prayer? What is the role of music, the Holy Spirit, and Scripture in prayer? How should we evaluate corporate prayer?”

Deal, William S. What every Sunday School teacher should know [268.3 DEA]
“Discusses the basic essentials for successful teaching under the following chapter headings: 1. Our greatest business – 2. The teacher’s personal experience – 3. The teacher and his Bible – 4 Great truths of the Bible – 5. Geography and history of the
Bible – 6. Prevailing customs of the Bible – 7. The psychology of personality – 8. The teacher a soul-winner – 9. A personal chat.”

Van Leen, W.A.(Adrian). The problem of extreme Christian fringe groups[291 VAN]
“Let our people go, families beg sect – sad tales of abuse, break-ups continue; mother fights to save her family from Revivalists; newborn dies as sect says prayer; religious fanatics in court; rigid sect splits family – mother accuses pastor…”

Carlson, Ron. Fast facts on false teachings [291.9 CAR]
“Cult experts Ron Carlson and Ed Decker combine their extensive knowledge to give you quick, clear facts about 16 major false teachings of today. Their short, informative chapters highlight the major teachings and contrast them with the truth revealed in God’s Word. You’ll discover the key facts on these subjects and more – atheism; Buddhism; Evolution; Islam; Jehovah’s Witnesses; Mormonism; New Age.”

Alex, Ben. David Livingstone : the missionary who “discovered” Africa [226 ALE]
“David Livingstone was one of the great explorers of the nineteenth century. His journey towards the hidden fountains of the Nile River in interior Africa is an adventure that will inspire young and old alike : his determination to reach his goal, his humility and love for the African people and his strong faith in God.