New Titles in Emmaus Library, Issue 3, Oct 2016

Shade, Bill. Dispensationalism in a post-modern world [220 SHA]

Contents: Section One: Preliminary considerations. 1. Introduction – 2. Defining terms – 3. Gaining perspective. Section Two: The seven dispensations – 4. The dispensation of innocence – 5. The dispensation of conscience – 6. The dispensation of human government – 7. The dispensation of promise – 8. The dispensation of law: the law given – 9. The dispensation of law: three periods under law – 10. The dispensation of law: the purpose of the law – 11. The dispensation of grace: some vital explanations – 12. The dispensation of grace: the dispensation analyzed – 13. The dispensation of grace: the failure – apostasy – 14. The dispensation of the Kingdom : reasons for the Kingdom – 15. The dispensation of the Kingdom: analyzing the final dispensation. Section Three: Additional issues and considerations. 16. Making dispensational distinctions 17, Salvation in dispensationalism – 18. Dispensational perspicuity – 19. Dispensation vs convenient theology – 20. The Church Age – a prophetic parenthesis – 21. Dispensational transitions – 22. Dispensational principles in Matthew – 23. Dispensational principles in Acts – 24. Dispensationalism: what we can learn. Appendix.

Henrichsen, Walter. Studying, interpreting, and applying the Bible [220.61 HEN]

Contents: Section 1 – How to study the Bible – Section II – Improving your Bible Study skills – Section 3 – How to interpret the Bible – Section 4 – Improving your interpretation skills

MacArthur, John. The birth of the King, Part One [232 MAC]

Contents: The gracious King — The virgin birth — Who were the wise men — Fools and wise men (pt. 1)

Himm, Sokreaksa S. After the heavy rain [234.5 HIM]

“Thirteen of Reaksa Himm’s immediate family, including his parents, were brutally executed by Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge. Severely wounded, Reaksa was hidden by the bodies of his family. He struggled free, and ultimately made his way to Canada. He found faith in Christ, but for years wrestled with bitterness, hatred and a desire for vengeance – in Cambodia revenge is a matter of honour. Describes how Reaksa discovered what it truly means to forgive. He tracked down his family’s killers one by one, embraced them, gave them a friendship scarf and presented each with a Bible. But that was only the beginning…”

Brisco, Brad. Missional essentials: a guide for experiencing God’s mission in your life [266 BRI]

“Missional Christianity is the paradigm that unlocks the Gospel in our time. What is now critical is that as many of God’s people as possible grasp it, engage it, and live into it. This study goes a long way to help us be faithful to God right here, right now. There are twelve practical sessions for cultivating a missional life and mobilizing a faith community to participate more fully in God’s mission. Each lesson provides participants with general themes, insightful articles, reflection questions and action steps to help readers engage their community.”

Shade, Bill. Amazed by Grace : some stories defy explanation [234.1 SHA]

“Story of a modern day George Mueller. For almost six decades of ministry, Bill and Ruby Shade repeatedly stepped forward without resources to see God provide in ways that amaze. Like Mueller who provided for thousands of children, the Shades have impacted many thousands of people all over the world. This is a must read autobiography for those who want to catch a vision of walking by faith.”

MacArthur, John F. The Glory of Heaven : the truth about Heaven, angels and eternal life [236.24 MAC]

“John MacArthur takes you through those very Scriptures and opens your heart to the realities of heaven, angels, and eternal life. It’s a joyous study of every Christian’s future. A future that you can and should anticipate. Come along,,,for an in-depth look at where you’ll spend eternity. Open up The Glory of Heaven – and catch a glimpse of Home.”

Fernando, Ajith. Sensible behaviour [248.83 FER]

Contents: 1. An area to be careful about – 2. Helping people – 3. Friendships – 4. Accountability – 5. The power of sex – 6. The power of past sexual experiences – 7. Affairs and insecurity – 8. The importance of discipline for sexual sin – 9. Some guidelines for married people – 10. A word about singles – 11. Don’t give Satan a foothold – 12. Spreading untrue stories – 13. God’s grace is greater.

Smith, Alex. A Christian’s pocket guide to Buddhism [261.243 SMI]

“Buddhism and Christianity are diametrically opposed. Buddhism do not believe in a supreme God who created the universe. They believe in ‘making merit’ and earning their way to nirvana. How can the gospel of a loving God who gives grace, mercy and hope reach them? This guide, including an extensive glossary, will help you understand the diversity of Buddhist beliefs and communicate the gospel in a way Buddhists can understand.”

Strauch, Alexander. The New Testament Deacon : the Church’ Minister of Mercy [262.14 STR]

“My heartfelt burden is to help deacons get out of the boardroom or the building maintenance mentality and into the people-serving mentality. Deacons, as the New Testament teaches and as some of the sixteenth century reformers discovered, are to be involved in a compassionate ministry of caring for the poor and needy. The deacons’ ministry, therefore, is one that no Christ-centred, New Testament church can ever afford to neglect. Christians today must understand the absolute necessity for and vital importance of New Testament deacons to the local church so that the needy, poor and suffering of our churches are care for in a thoroughly Christian manner. This is a matter dear to the heart of God.”

Joly, Reona Peterson. Tomorrow you die : you are a traitor…and traitors are shot [266 JOL]

“Reona Peterson Joly and Evey Muggleton Heckman never dreamed of the adventure and danger that lay before them as they attended a short-term missions school in Switzerland. Then, as the two young women sought God, they began to sense a burden for the mysterious, isolated nation of Albania – a nation unlike any other. In the 1970s Albania’s leaders boasted that theirs was the first completely atheistic nation in the world. Closed to almost all outsiders, Communist Albania particularly wanted no contact with Christians. In this nation that had sealed Christian citizens in barrels and rolled them into the sea, preaching the gospel was punishable by death. Willing participants in God’s plan, yet unsure of how He would lift their burden, Reona and Evey took the first small steps of faith. Through a miraculous set of events, the two young believers were drawn into the danger and intrigue of being God’s undercover agents in a nation that officially despised Him.”

Kuhn, Isobel. Children of the hills [266 KUH]

“Isobel Kuhn, with her husband John, longed to win the lovable Lisu people to Christ. She delighted in them and the simplicity of their life. She says, “Lisuland is a place of physical hardness and spiritual luxury, but if you have ever tasted that luxury all else will be tame for ever after.” Isobel had the privilege of seeing the Spirit of God moving among an unreached people group.”

Meroff, Deborah. The touch of the Master: extraordinary stories of how God is using ordinary men and women and an international mission called Operation Mobilization [266 MER]

“These are real-life accounts of men and women who took the Good News of Christ to the ends of the earth with a mission called Operation Mobilization, and how each of them experienced His unique touch in crisis situations. The stories will fill you with a sense of awe and delight, but most of all with the assurance that God can be trusted – anywhere, anytime, with anything!”

Meroff, Deborah. True grit: women taking on the world, for God’s sake [266 MER]

“Powerful, sobering, inspiring and packed with hard facts about how women are suffering around the world – and how God is working in the midst of it…tells the real-life adventures of nine ordinary women who are making a difference in such places as Tajikistan, India, Israel, Vietnam and Lebanon. “Vital Statistics” between chapters highlight global abuse issues like female infanticide, child brides, sex trafficking, girl soldiers, female genital mutilation and “honor” killings…readers are offered action steps that can help turn the tide for women worldwide.”

Taylor, Howard. Hudson Taylor’s spiritual secret [266 TAY]

“Explores the life and faith of Hudson Taylor, the man God used to open China to the gospel. A classic book on true spirituality and the life of faith.”

6 ways to reach God’s world booklet [266 SIX]

“God invites each one of us to move deeper into his purposes for the world. He offers each of us a unique journey as we pursue involvement in missions. Becoming purposefully involved in God’s plan to receive glory and honor from every people group in this world requires that we engage intentionally. Learn. Pray. Go. Send. Welcome. Mobilize. What about you? How would God have you step in deeper to love more intentionally?”

Tam, Ki. From darkness to glorious light: the amazing true story of a Myanmese spirit worshipper turned evangelist [266 TAM]

“…a compelling story of a man raised from the dead – physically and spiritually. Tam Ki was born in Machung, a tribal village hidden in the jungles of Chin Hills, Myanmar. No foreign missionary had ever visited the village. No one had ever heard of Jesus Christ. But in 1973, Tam Ki died and was mysteriously transported to Heaven. With no access to any Bible, Tam Ki received supernatural visions, dreams and healing from God. A former K’cho spirit worshipper, Tam Ki is now a remarkable evangelist and church leader, bringing God’s light to thousands of people trapped in darkness. As in the Apostles’ time, signs, wonders and miracles abound. In this book, God’s power is evident in Tam Ki – the blind see, the lame walk and the sick are healed. Be awed by our great God whose amazing power transforms lives.”

Shade, Bill. The Prophetic Destiny of Israel and the Islamic Nation [297.1 SHA]

Contents: Section 1: The certainty of Israel’s conversion. 1. Establishing a rationale – 2. The land, the seed and the blessing – 3. The concerted voice of the Prophets – 4. The New Testament speaks. Section 2. The circumstances of Israel’s conversion. 5.
The conversion of the first Israel – 6. The circumstances of Israel’s future conversion – 7. The Northern/Islamic invasion – 8. Results and aftermath of the invasion – 9. Same Prophetic picture from other prophets – 10. The testimony of the Book of Revelation – Section 3. The consequence and challenge of Israel’s conversion. 11. The effects of the defeat of the Northern Confederacy – 12. The activity of converted Israel during the Tribulation – 13. The last days of Gentile world dominion – 14. Christ’s second advent and related events. Appendix 1. Full statement of Abba Eban – Appendix 2. A brief history of early premillennialism.


Countdown to eternity [220.15 COU]

1 DVD (74 min.) + booklet (101 last days prophecies)

A remarkable presentation of world events predicted by the prophets of the Bible.

MacArthur, John. Taking the mystery out of knowing God’s Will [231.4 MAC]

1 DVD (55 min.)

“In this DVD recorded in Grace Community Church, Pastor MacArthur preaches on one of the hottest topics amongst Christians today – can we know God’s Will for our lives? With his trademark style and wit, MacArthur sifts from the Word of God and brings to us what is His perfect Will for our lives and what we can do about it.”