New Titles in Emmaus Library – Issue 2, Feb 2012

Walker, Tas. The Genesis Flood : fact or fiction? [222.11 WAL]

“Modern education considers the Genesis account of a catastrophic world-wide flood to be mere fiction. If such an event actually happened the evidence should be all around us. In this book you will come face-to-face with some of those fascinating evidences.  From the masses of fossils buried globally in water-laid sediments, to ancient tribal legends existing in almost all the world’s cultures, this book gives you powerful reasons to understand this event as historical fact.”

 The Genesis Files  [231.765 GEN]

“Millions (including scientists) are still holding to the truths of Genesis and the Bible.  Presented within this book are 22 interviews with scientists from around the world who believe in a literal six-day creation…An aerospace engineer who designs missiles affirms, “the Bible and true science are in perfect harmony”.”

Gurney, Robert. Six-day Creation : does it matter what you believe? [231.765 GUR]

“Ever since long-age geology and the theory of evolution became established in the nineteenth century, Christians have been divided over how to respond to the secular view of origins. Among evangelicals there are two main positions.  One is to accept the secular view in whole or in part, and to reinterpret the Bible to harmonize it with that view. The other is to reject the secular view, believing it to be incompatible with the Bible and contrary to the evidence. Are both these positions equally valid, or is one right and the other wrong? And does it really matter? This booklet examines some of the biblical, scientific and historical issues, and helps the reader to understand the debate and to make an informed choice.”

Herbert, David. Charles Darwin’s Religious Views : from creationist to evolutionist [231.765 HER]

“A fascinating and important study of Charles Darwin, one of the most significant figures of our time. The book is a tour de force in its analysis of the creation-science debate, as well as an insightful account of the man himself.  It includes a careful and cautious study of the so-called “Lady Hope Tract”, suggesting a deathbed conversion.”


Morris, John.  The Young Earth: the real history of the Earth — past, present, and future [231.765 MOR]

“Did God create our world in six literal days, or did it evolve on its own over countless eons of time?  The age of the earth – a key question in the creation/evolution debate – has been portrayed as an issue of science versus religion, but is it really that simple? The answers to these questions are vital to understanding not just earth science, but also the biblical record.  This book scientifically examines the evidence to see what the earth actually reveals about itself.  This classic and definitive work…demonstrates that the Bible can be trusted in questions of science and history.”


Oake, Robin. Father Forgive : the forgotten ‘F’ word [234.5 OAK]

“When Robin Oake’s son, Special Branch Ofiicer Stephen, was killed by a terrorist while on duty, a press conference was called.  There, a journalist asked the question, “Mr Oake, what do you think about the man who killed your son?” and received a startling reply, “I don’t know the man or all the circumstances of the operation but from my heart I forgive him. Another journalist said, “You what?” and our response may well be the same – Christian or non-Christian. But in this powerful and often moving book, born out of the tragedy of Stephen’s death, Robin shares his story and the reasons for his amazing forgiveness. Using examples from his long experience in the police force – for thirteen years, he was the Chief Constable of the Isle of Man Constabulary – he helps us to explore the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of forgiveness – even in extreme circumstances.”


MacArthur, John. At the Throne of Grace : a book of prayers [242.5 MAC]

“This book is brimming with rich inspiration for your own prayer life from the heart of a man who prays. A man who knows prayer’s power.  A man who loves to pray. As an essential part of worship for over four decades, John MacArthur has led the congregation of Grace Community Church in prayer. His words have alerted the people that they are entering God’s holy presence. Standing humbly before His Throne of Grace. Here is a collection of many of these prayers.”


The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity : a comprehensive guide to following Christ in every aspect of life [248 COM]

“.From adoption to automobiles; chocolate to climate change; gardening to gossip; social media to storytelling; taxes to tourism & hundreds more.”


Duewel, Wesley L. Measure Your Life : 17 ways to evaluate your life from God’s perspective [248.4 DUE]

“…urge followers of Jesus Christ to measure the quality of their relationship with God by the biblical witness to a life of love, faith, obedience, sacrifice, surrender, purity, power and related virtues.”


Lucas, Jeff. Grace Choices : walking in step with the God of grace [248.4 LUC]

“In a society filled with examples of “ungrace”, there remains a haunting cry for grace, “the music our world needs to hear.” How do we as Christians answer this cry?  Jeff Lucas first reminds us that grace is not just a theological idea but is rooted in God himself, and then goes on to explain how in hundreds of decisions each day, from the inconsequential to the paramount, we can choose grace.  In his honest and witty style, Lucas uses relevant examples from film and literature to challenge and encourage us to live lives infected with grace.  This is not an easy, quick-fix approach but a journey. Lucas invites us to take an unhurried look and begin in very practical ways to make grace choices that will impact our world.”

Tan, Soo-Inn. Thinking on the Run : essays on community, vocation, life, death, media and other stuff [248.4 TAN]

“Soo-Inn is no stranger to human grief and thus no stranger to divine grace. His writings are therefore essentially a pilgrimage. He gently invites us with him along the journey of life; to encounter reality reflectively and meaningfully. Not merely to know more about ourselves but, more significantly, to know more about God.”


Green. Cheryl. World Wide Se@rch : the savvy Christian’s guide to online dating [248.84 GRE]

“…helps you tap into crucial, Bible-based insights and support; determine if the timing is right for online dating; evaluate your goals and expecations before the first date; master the skill of safe online communication; reduce your chances for hurt and disappointment; find an authentic, soul-deep connection online. Whether you are new to online dating or simply looking for ways to improve your approach, this is the supportive, trustworthy guide you need to help you succeed as you seek “the one” online.”


Seamands, David A. Healing for Damaged Emotions [248.86 SEA]

“…helps readers deal honestly and successfully with their inner hurts. Through the realistic, scriptural approach that Dr David Seamands brings to this deeply personal subject, you too can find healing – and then become an agent of healing for other strugglers.”


The Bible and the Ballot [261.7 BIB]

“Reflections on Christian political engagement in Malaysia today.”


Global Passion : marking George Verwer’s contribution to world missions [266 GLO]

“From the start, after his commitment to Christ at the age of sixteen, George Verwer had a passion to take the gospel across borders to some of the least evangelical countries. Operation Mobilisation was set up to do just that: to mobilise Christian mission training, action and service around the world. This book not only celebrates forty years of George’s unique influence and leadership in modern missions, it charts the way forward for today’s missionary church. George’s pioneering impact on short-term missions, literature ministries, mission ships and the global mobilisation of the Church is reflected in every page.”


Pirolo, Neal. The Reentry Team : caring for your returning missionaries [266 PIR]

“…a “must read” for church leaders and laymen alike. Its practical wisdom and touchingly true-to-life stories will, without condemnation, assist the church in receiving back the ones they have sent out. The results? Healthy returnees will make enormous contributions to body life at home, the church will be blessed and built up, and world missions will go forward.”




Wieland, Margaret. Please, Nana, What is Death?  [236.1 WIE]

“Meets the tough questions hed on, conveying biblical truths in a captivating style”


Wieland, Margaret. Please, Nana, Who is God?  [231 WIE]


Morris, John,

Morris, John. What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? [231.765 MOR]

“Join Tracker John and his playful little dinosaur friend, D.J., as they explore the world before Noah’s Flood… This exciting new adventure will take you through the

Garden of Eden and Noah’s Ark to discover what really happened to God’s magnificent creatures – the DINOSAURS!”


McKeenven, Stacia. Beginnings : helping kids build a firm foundation to their faith [234.2 MCK]




Leaving Your Brains at the Church Door [234.2 LEA]

1 DVD (56 mins)

“Why should Christians defend their faith? How should they do so? See how to spot common fallacies and use correct logic–both to present a positive case for Christianity, and refute objections. Anti-Christian fads such as evolutionism and postmodernism assail Christians, but logic is a powerful weapon to demolish them.”


Wieland, Carl. Creation : the key to dynamic witnessing with Dr Carl Wieland [231.765 WIE]

1 DVD (86 mins)

“The most important and far reaching, foundational battle for the faith we are facing today is on origins. Have we evolved from primordial ooze or are we the result of special creation? And what is the impact on society and culture?”


Dragons or Dinosaurs : creation or evolution?  [231.765 DRA]

1 DVD (37 mins)

“Dragon images and legends exist all over the world and in nearly every culture. Are these the dinosaurs of history, and does the Bible mention such creatures? This documentary presents the latest evidence that dinosaurs and man coexisted. It includes interviews with leading creation scientists including Creation Ministries International specialists Drs Carl WIELAND, Jonathan Sarfati, Don Batten, David Catchpoole and Robert Carter.”