New Titles in Emmaus Library – Issue 1, Jan 2012

Bulle, Florence. The many faces of deception[230 BUL]
“This book has been a serious challenge to many of the recent popular teachings in the Church. Fabricated teaching wrapped around carefully selected scriptures and promoted by magnetic personalities have combined to take a tremendous toll on many within the Church. Unfortunately, the deceptions persist. Contains also a chapter on the New Age movement and its influence in the Church as well as bringing biblical guidelines to issues as: name it and claim it; inner healing; angelic visitations; codependency; submission in the Home and Church; prosperity; “The Lord told me” prophetic revelations; after-death experiences.”

Alcorn, Randy C. 50 days of Heaven : reflections that bring eternity to light [236.24 ALC]
“Brings eternity to light in 50 inspiring and thought provoking meditations that will forever change the way you think about the spectacular new universe that awaits us: new heaven and a New Earth, where Jesus will be the cosmic centre, and joy will be the air we breathe – a universe free from pain and suffering, filled with unending beauty and adventure.”

Keller, Timothy J. The reason for God [239 KEL]
“Why does God allow suffering in the world? How could a loving God send people to Hell? Why isn’t Christianity more inclusive? How can there be one true religion? Why have so many wars been fought in the name of God?  Timothy Keller addresses the frequent doubts that skeptics, and even ardent believers, have about religion. Using literature, philosophy, real life conversations, and potent reasoning, Keller explains how the belief in a Christian God is, in fact, a sound and rational one. To true believers he offers a solid platform on which to stand their ground against the backlash to religion created by the Age of Skepticism.  And to skeptics, atheists, and agnostics, he provides a challenging argument for pursuing the reason for God.”

Canfield, Jack. A book of miracles : 101 true stories of healing, faith, divine intervention, and answered prayers [242 CAN]
“These 101 amazing stories prove that God is actively involved in our daily lives, working miracles on our behalf. You will be awed and gratified by miraculous true accounts of healing, faith, divine intervention, and answered prayers. You will read tales of signs from above, the healing power of prayer, extraordinary connections with loved ones who have passed on, angels, divine appointments, and the everyday miracles we too often overlook.”

Bell, James Stuart. Life Savors [248.2 BEL]
“Filled with stories that will inspire you to savour your own life, with its trials and its triumphs, and to taste and see the goodness of the Lord.”

Lee, Chiu San. Even God had to set man free [248.2 LEE]
“Is Man a self-propelled, self-programmed, automatically reproducing mobile terminal created by God to deliver materials and information to His System? This is the story of an engineer who almost died, and how he touched a comforting, spiritual presence. A later meeting with a Mystic leads them to believe that spells and incantations are passwords to access a Divine System containing great powers. The things described in this story would have been called “Magic” even in the recent past. But the miracles that many legends tell about can actually be made to take place with the technology available today. Read this story and find yourself examining the relationships between Man and God, Man and Government and Man and Woman in a totally different light.”

Telchin, Stan. Betrayed! [248.24 TEL]
“The Telchins were a happy,close-knit Jewish family until the day their daughter called from college with a shocking revelation: She had become a Christian.  Judy’s decision prompted her father to set out to disprove the Mentorship of Jesus in order to win her back. To do so, he had to study the Bible for the first time in his life. In the face of increasingly convincing proofs that Jesus is who He claimed to be, Stan Telchin found himself confronting thousands of years’ worth of misunderstanding, hurt and prejudice from both sides. The key question that surfaced was this: How can a Jewish person embrace Jesus and Christianity without turning his back on his own people? ”  More than thirty years after coming to know Jesus as Messiah, Stan Telchin reflects a passion to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Jewish people while seeking to unite Jews and Gentiles under the love of Messiah Jesus.”

Savage, Jill. Got teens? [248.83 SAV]
“Jill Savage has raised teenagers and now they provide practical and emotional support for all the roles of your challenging job. There’s Mom as CFO: “Should I pay for gas in her car?”  As Launching Pad: “Do I let him go with his friends to the Lake?” As Shepherd: “Why is my good kid making bad choices?” With the commonsense solutions and creative ideas in this book, you will learn to: discover heart issues behind behaviour problems; discuss the guy-girl thing intelligently, walk alongside a prodigal in pain, equip your child with people skills and life skills; impact your child spiritually.”

Mcquilkin, Robertson. The great omission : a biblical basis for world evangelism [266 MCQ]
“Mcquilkin investigates the reasons so few Christians attempt to carry the message of Christ to the “so many” who have never heard of Him. Acknowledging Christ as Lord…demands an active pursuit of God’s purposes in the world. It means commitment of one’s total life to make the greatest possible impact for Jesus Christ on this our generation. And for those who are not yet certain of God’s vocational appointment in life, true discipleship must surely include complete openness to the most needed and most neglected of all vocations: pioneer missionary evangelism.”

Cassutto, Ernest. The last Jew of Rotterdam [231.76 CAS]
“…It speaks of the horror of the Holocaust in Holland. It contains a tender love story.  Its uniqueness is that it is a wonderful testimony of how Messiah Jesus sustained several Jewish families in the midst of the worst nightmare of our time.”


Batten, Don.  Teaching the Christian worldview (Putting the pieces together series; 1) [230 BAT]
1 DVD (37 mins)
“What is the worldview and why is it important in discussions about the Bible and in teaching? Can a Christian believe in God and evolution? Would God use millions of years of death and suffering to develop a ‘very good’ creation? Is the Bible just about ‘faith and practice’? Or should we start with the Bible to guide all our thinking about history, science, geography, etc.?  ‘Truth’ and ‘morality’ are becoming unpopular words in society. Tolerance for all views is quickly mutating into intolerance for ‘absolute’ views. Dr Don Batten demonstrates the importance of Genesis to the foundations of Christian belief, including morality. He shows how a Christian worldview cannot be consistently true to the Bible unless it takes the six days of Creation as real history. He briefly surveys various fields of knowledge and shows how a Christian worldview can impact them.”

Talker, Tas. 6 Days and the true history of the universe (Putting the pieces together series; 2)  [231.765 TAL]
1 DVD (40 mins)
“What is science?  Are scientists always impartial or can they have an agenda, particularly when interpreting historical evidence?  What’s the difference between facts and interpretation?  What does radioisotope dating tell us about the age of the earth? Why do some scientists believe it’s only thousands of years old? In our modern culture, evolution is accepted as fact and rock-layers are thought to represent millions of years of gradual sedimentation.  Dr Tas Talker shows how conventional dating methods are biased towards a large timescale.  He looks at a variety of evidences that fits well within a young-earth view, and reveals the flaws and biases in ‘millions-of-years’ interpretations.”

Talker, Tas. Fossils, the flood and earth science (Putting the pieces together series; 3)  [231.765 TAL]
1 DVD (37 mins)
“With tens of thousands of fossils having been dug up and studied, how is it that the age of the earth is still in question?  Do the rock layers show how old the world is or are they open to interpretation? How would the Biblical Flood of Noah’’s day affect our interpretations? Can we see evidence for the Flood? Where did the water come from and where did it go? Dr Tas Talker goes into detail on some great evidences for Creation and the Flood. He starts by pointing out that fossils and rock layers don’t come out of the ground with little tags saying how old they are. He looks at the damaging effects of long-age geology on belief in the Bible and illustrates how evolutionary teaching undermines the foundations of the Gospel. Tas shows how rocks and fossils are best understood in the light of the Bible’s history.”

Batten, Don.  After their kind (Putting the pieces together series; 4) [231.765 BAT]
1 DVD (34 mins)
“Many people believe that biological evolution explains all the variety of life we see around us. However transitional creatures have not been found to bridge the many gaps between amoebas and frog, dinosaurs and birds, apes and human beings, to name a few. Dr Don Batten, biologist, explains how  real  experimental biology shows that evolution is an impossible process. Addition of new features, such as feathers, needs a way of adding the genetic coding for feather manufacture. But mutations and natural selection cause loss of genetic information, not its creation.  So microbes will never transform into mankind. Evolution is a belief imposed upon the evidence from fossils and living things – an interpretation – not a deduction from the evidence. The evidence of incredible design demands an intelligent creator/designer. The concept of created kinds that have since diversified within limits fits the data much better than evolution.”

Batten, Don. Dinosaurs : applying the Biblical worldview (Putting the pieces together series; 5) [231.765 BAT]
1 DVD (31 mins)
“Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible? Is there evidence that people and dinosaurs have lived at the same time? Do dinosaur fossils prove millions of years? What happened to the dinosaurs? How does a six-day creation include dinosaurs? In this engaging presentation, Dr Don Batten answers questions about dinosaurs and more.  He explains where dinosaurs fit in a creationist worldview and how modern-day evidence of dinosaurs supports it. This presentation shows how a thoroughly consistent biblical worldview, based on the true history of the world as given in Genesis, can provide a framework to explain something as esoteric as the origin and demise of dinosaurs.”

 Talker, Tas. Answering the Most Asked Questions (Putting the pieces together series; 6)  [231.765 TAL]1 DVD (38 mins)
“Dr Tas Talker answers a medley of questions on the creation worldview, including: Where did the world’s people groups come from?  Where did Cain find a wife? Was there really an Ice Age?  How we can see distant starlight in a young universe? How did kangaroos get to Australia? What is evolutionary teaching doing to society and ethics?  Where did bad things come from? Isn’t antibiotic resistance evolution in action?”