Why Men’s Fellowship?
1, To identify develop and release the gifts of men into the life and service of Bethesda Chapel (BC).
2. To equip them for godly influence at home, in church and society.
3. To train men who can in turn train others.
4. To draw men to God and to each other.
5. To strengthen the lay leadership in BC.

Theme for 2021
1. Peer-Peer Discipleship 2021
2. Topics, Texts & Practice for Men as Disciples of Christ
3. Practical Approach: Faith in action

A. Study of bible texts on topic
B. Discussion in pairs/threes
C. Practical Applications
Pray & Plan for Action Steps in the following month

Jan 30 – Characteristics of older and younger men
Feb 27Temptations & Pitfalls of Older & Younger Christian Men
Mar 27What is at war against your soul?
April 24Fight to the Finish by Faith
[above 2- 4pm online via Zoom]
May 29  – On-site at Bethesda Chapel 2:15 to 4:30 pm.
Sharing, Planning for 2nd half of 2021
June 26 ——————- Break —————
July 31 – Zoom meeting
Aug 28 – How to be SALT & LIGHT (on-site 2:15-4:15 pm)
Sep 25
Oct 30 – What’s So Amazing About Grace? – Grace SAVES 
Nov 27 – to be confirmed

Please join us. Contact Brother Eddy Oh eddyoh53@yahoo.co.uk for more info