Pre-Marital Counselling & Marriage Preparation Course

If you are courting, planning to get married, engaged, or planning to marry, it is advisable to learn what is God’s Design for Marriage.

An elder with his wife will conduct the course. Other mature leaders with experience can also conduct the course.

Bethesda Chapel has a licensed marriage solemniser.  Please write to Elder Yoong:

For couples seeking to be solemnised in Bethesda Chapel (BC) premises, here are some guidelines:

  • Both must be baptized before marriage, and one must be worshipping regularly with BC
  • Both must complete pre-marriage counselling course of 5-6 sessions. Some of the sessions related to post-marriage can resume after the wedding.
  • Make a booking at least six (6) months before the solemnisation date.

For other cases not mentioned, please contact the church office.

One-off sessions on Practical tips for Newly Married Couples

If you are newly married or have been married for less than 10 years, please contact the church office for the following short sessions:

  • On raising children, balancing family, and personal life
  • Fatherhood, motherhood,
  • Balancing career and church life
  • Managing finances, resolving interpersonal conflicts
  • Growing in love.

The church leaders will conduct the sessions when a few couples are interested.
For more enquiries and booking please contact the church office.